Thursday, 28 May 2015


I posted an image asking if you guys had any questions that you wanted me to answer so here we go! I picked any ones that came up more than once and those I thought were interesting!
How old are you?
My birthday is the 17th of January and I am as of January 17th 2015, 17 years old.
Who is your favourite fashion designer?
I could not give you one name I honestly couldn't! I have so many designers I absolutely adore, my favourites would have to be; Celine, Alexander Wang, Balmain and of course Christian Louboutin!
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
I have every intention of going to live in Canada when I have finished full time education and have enough money and job prospects to move. I have never felt so at home and at peace anywhere as much as I do in Canada. I can't wait to start a life over there.
What country do you most want to visit?
I am not too sure actually as I have been lucky enough to have travelled a lot already, but I would have to say I would love to explore the USA.
How did you meet Joe and how long have you been together?
I met Joe through Instagram ironically, he followed me when one of my videos was on the popular page (RIP popular page) and then we started talking, he worked in Manchester so I went and saw him every now and again when he was on his break or before lunch and it all went from there! As of the end of January 2015 we will have been together 8 months!
Do you ever get bored of your hair colour?
I tend to dye my hair sometimes but it usually only goes from lighter to darker so I would have to say no not really I quite like my hair!
What colour item would you never wear?
Oh gosh I don't know really, I don't have any objections to colour at all I would happily add one item of any colour into one of my all black outfits as it would look really so no colour really! However the idea of head to toe in any colour other than black makes me feel very uneasy...
What's your favourite make up brand?
I really like MAC and The Balm for really good quality everyday products and then of course there is Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent and Dior, ah I can dream.
What is your everyday make up?
I will be making a blog post about this hopefully soon so keep an eye out! I use MAC, The Balm and MUA products mainly!
Do you diet/how do you keep in shape?
I don't really diet I just go through periods of trying to be more healthy than other times, I go through long periods of eating crap and then I try and cut it out for a little while (lying in bed with Joe watching films eating food is to blame I feel...). With regards to exercise I don't really do much, if I go to the gym I will just go on the treadmill for half an hour and then do some strength workouts on my core and legs etc.
Prom dress tips!
I was not great at picking my prom dress at all, I first had a black floor length Moschino gown and then ended up wearing a gorgeous black and nude lace number I found in the TK Maxx clearance! My main tip is just honestly wear what is you, don't feel like you have to wear a certain type of dress and make it reflect you. My main regret for prom is not going in a suit with a low cut blazer and no shirt, that would have been so so killer fml.
  I will be making a blog post very soon on prom so stay tuned!

Thank you for all of your questions, 

H x


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