Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My 2015 Inspiration;

This year I really want to 100% wear what I want, I want to feel confident in what I wear and love how it is put together. Don't get me wrong I love the way I dress now and of course I will still be wearing outfits I have come to know and love, however this year I want to try and become more 'clean cut' with my style and see how it goes!
However these are some of my favourite trend forecasts for 2015 that myself and maybe you can take inspiration from if you like them!
1. Oversized Jumpers over Skirts;
I love the look of oversized jumpers over pieces like knee length dresses or skirts, I am just a sucker for layering. I did this is 2014 as you can see above when I did my street shoot for my blog and this was one of my favourite looks by far. I just love the cut out effect of my jumper which was from TK Maxx over my polo-neck sleeveless dress from Zara. Layering is such a good way to make an impression that you have made much more effort than you really have, because in reality I put a dress on and threw a jumper on over the top and I was done. I love it.
The great thing about layering with jumpers is that it tends to look fab no matter what colours you try and work with, and in my opinion it works all year round. I remember being in Spain a couple of years ago when I first started playing around with my style a bit more and I styled a bright blue pleated dress with a gold short sleeved jumper and I felt a million dollars, maybe not Vogue's next from cover but man did I feel good.

2. Lace Up Heels;

I recently came into ownership of an absolutely stunning pair of Steve Madden lace up heels (left) which you may have seen on my Instagram if you follow me. Courtesy of the lovely Joseph Hall I am currently constantly prancing round my room in these shoes. This type of shoe is in my 2015 trend inspiration selection because I have never found a shoe that is more me. I love putting these on with every outfit and they add that simplistic edgy element I strive to have in all of my outfits effortlessly. I have tried these on simply with black jeans, a black polo neck and a black coat to trying them on with my massively blue sequined French Connection dress that makes me look every so sparkly and I adore them.
These would be a great purchase for those who like to dress up their everyday outfits or for those who want to add an edgy style to their evening wear, my ideas of perfect looks. Zara did a pair of black lace up heels alongside with Primark doing more colourful versions so if you want some just make sure to keep your eye out!

You do not necessarily have to choose black ones though, as spring and summer are fast approaching us it may be a good idea if you are more into your colours to invest in some in a pop of colour, perhaps red or yellow to spice up any monochrome looks you have planned for the spring time.

3. Long Tailoring

Going along with the clean cute theme I have going on in my little mental style world I love the idea of long tailoring for spring and for 2015. Tailored looks are an excellent way to look classy and are very easy to work in extra edgy pieces or elements.
 I adore the way that tailored outfits look, I think that no matter what you wear it with it will work. Whether it be a slouchy top or a chunky scarf you can do not wrong!
I think that I will be loving tailored looks over 2015 as they just allow you to look effortlessly sophisticated and stylish.
And of course my absolute favourite type of tailored style is my adored tailored coat, I could never ever have too many tailored coats.

4.Slouchy Style

This year I really want to allow myself to be stylish yet still comfortable and not looking too out of place in Manchester if I am in the mood to be looking that extra bit stylish, and I have come to the conclusion that (god forbid) I may have to start bringing some more colour into my outfits, oh dear... But after looking through some inspiration and realising I need to make a couple of more colourful purchases (and by colourful I mean like blue jeans aha) and start giving them a style in my head, and I have some nice ideas I would love to try.
I like the idea of bringing back me wearing boyfriend jeans is a good one for me I think. But not the stereotypical boyfriend jeans that go tighter around the ankles, because lets be serious what males would actually wear the 'boyfriend' jeans they sell us. So I am going to look for some more straight legged trousers perhaps with rips in and then style this up with some comfy heels and a slouchy jumper. Perfect!
I really love the shoes in the image on the left and will definitely be looking into trying and getting myself a pair of those they also look so so comfy.
Slouchy yet stylish is going to be the new me for a little while, that's if I master is of course...

I hope this may have been of use to some of you and gave you a little bit of inspiration for yourselves!

Thank you ever so much for reading and of course comment below if there are any posts you would like to see!

H x


  1. I loved your blog for ages and I just recently started a one by myself so if you wouldn't mind, could you check it? Thank you xx

  2. I think this is a great goal to have for 2015! Good luck in your style quest :)

    Corinne x

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