Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Best Scarves In The Business

It definitely is getting cold now as I have unfortunately found out the past few weeks when I have forgotten my scarf or my coat (big mistake let me tell you). So it really is that time of year when an investment in a warm scarf really will save your life.
I have had my eye out for some around and about when I have been looking online and in store and I thought that I would just compile a list of inspiration for you if you have been looking for one!
UCS scarf (I bought this myself!)
 available here. (£15)
Also from USC available here. (£22)

These scarves I came across when searching for my dress for the #MAAfterDark event and I had to buy the black tartan scarf as it was one of the thickest warmest feeling scarves I have ever seen and I was in disparate need of a warm one for this Christmas and winter time. At £15 with a student discount it really was something I would have been stupid to resist. The fur scarf I think is a great substitute for buying a coat with a fur collar if this is something you have been after but not really thinking that you will get enough wear out of it for the price you would be paying, this way any one of your coats can become a fur collared coat, simple!


This fluffy white scarf is available here! (£16)


This is also from ASOS available here. (£18)

These scarves from ASOS look like they would definitely do the job of keeping you warm and the price really isn't bad at all especially if you have the use of your student card to give you that extra discount.

I have also seen some very good reviews on oversized winter scarves from Primark and I have been in and looked at them myself and even though they may not be as soft due to the lesser price in comparison however they look like they would definitely keep you warm. They have some which have reversible patterns so basically you end up with two scarves for the price of one, winner! New Look also have some available for a lower price alongside with Zara having some for a bit of a higher price.

A warm scarf is definitely a good investment as I know that I am getting more than cold at the moment and that is in no way a fun prospect.

Hope you enjoyed this post
H x

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