Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas Day Outfit Inspiration

Hello everyone! I wanted to create an inspiration post for ideas for what to wear on Christmas day!
I know from personal experience that choosing what to wear on Christmas day is always a challenge, especially deciding on how 'dressed up' to be. I have always dressed up on Christmas day, with heels a nice outfit and some fancy make up. I just like the idea of dressing up to be around the family and me and my mum have always had fun choosing Christmas day outfits, however I understand the difficulty so thought that I would try and help some of you by providing some ideas!

Look #1

Christmas Day Look 4

This is a look which I wanted to make it half way between being dressed up but still looking fantastic on Christmas day. The trouser element means that you can still be comfortable and it can still be a wearable outfit however the cut of the trousers themselves mean that the look is a classy one and the rich wine coloured coat would contrast really nicely with the classic cut white trousers. This look could easily be dressed up or down more than it is, bringing in a pair of court heels instead of wedged boots would make it more dressed up however to dress it down the pale blue accessories could be switched with just a classic black handbag and simplistic minimal jewellery.

Look #2

Christmas Day Look 3

This look was one that I wanted to make wearable in your own home, if you were having family over for Christmas and did not need to go outside and brave the Christmas weather. I adore this skirt it looks as if it would be ever so flattering for so many shapes and sizes and the jumper allows you to still be cosy in your home but would still look dressed up due to the jumper being cropped.
The classic black heels and the classic dark red lip would give this look the classy edge perfect for Christmas lunch.

Look #3

Christmas Day Look 2
This look is my favourite of all of the looks I have created - mainly because it is black... However I just think this dress is beyond stunning and the shoes would work so well with the clear shoulders and then the straps around your ankles from the heels would work really well.
I kept the accessories gold as I think that gold is a seriously Christmassy colour and is always a good choice when accessorising anything black as they compliment one another really well. I just adore the ease and simplicity of this look yet you would look so so classy.

Look #4

Christmas Day Look
I think this look is ever so Christmassy, I decided this year that I wanted to wear the super traditional red and I chose a fabulous red lace dress from H and M and this look is another way of really working red for a Christmas day outfit.
This red skirt caught my eye and I fell in love, I love the ballet aspect of it and how all the rest of the outfit is black making it stand out and really be the centre of the outfit. I think a statement skirt is a great way to dress up on Christmas as it is not necessarily as dressed up as a dress or as laid back as trousers, I think it can be a perfect medium.  
I really hope you enjoyed this post and enjoyed the looks!
I will list all the items used below so you can shop elements of the looks if you want to!
Let me know if there are any posts you would like to see soon!
H x
Look 1
Vero Moda black top
$50 -

Brown coat

Coast glitter purse
$46 -

Blue earrings
$46 -

Pieces blue jewelry
$16 -

Bracelet jewelry
$6.30 -

Lace glove
Look 2
Fitted crop top

River Island white skirt
$47 -

Chanel mascara
$39 -

Nars cosmetic
$38 -

Look 3
Pull Bear strapless cocktail dress
$47 -

Forever New black block heel sandals
$33 -

Jules smith earrings

Look 4

Chicwish layered skirt


MANGO flap clutch
$39 -

Black stainless steel ring

Vintage choker necklace
$30 -

River Island gem bracelet
$28 -

Crystal jewelry
$19 -



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