Monday, 10 November 2014

Layers Upon Layers

This is an outfit that I put together for when I recently went shooting with my very talented friend Monique who was nice enough to use her photography skills to take some photos that I would be able to use on my blog as proper blog posts so I hope you enjoy them!

When I tried this outfit on the night before when I was figuring out what I wanted to bring with me I absolutely fell in love with it, the thin split on the jumper just worked well with the contrasting longer dress underneath and the fact that it was all jumper material it left a very warm and cosy Hayleigh.
The jumper was a recent purchase from TK Maxx which I found in the sale for a fabulous £15 they had a white one too but I just preferred the shade of grey this was. I paired it with a turtleneck jumper dress that I bought from Zara in the sale a year or so ago, it is just a cut off arm down to the floor or ankle length dress. I got in in a L as it was the only size left so I think it may have been intended to be more fitted than mine is but I really like the way it looks and it means I can eat lots in it so its a complete winning situation for me...
For shoes I decided to wear my beautiful Zara peep toe booties which I absolutely ADORE and they were in the sale this year for, wait for it... £15, yes £15! They are so easy to walk in and due to them being cut out at the back and having support around your ankle they are much more easy to wear than they may first appear.
I used them in this outfit just because I felt that the whole outfit was very 'blocky' with straight lines and it seemed very clean cut to me so these boots fit in perfectly with this feel for me.

When it came to accessories I paired it with my statement earrings from the fabulous Luxy Accessories!
And then for the rest of my accessories, I went for my everyday purse from Status Anxiety which honestly have the most beautiful leather goods you will ever see. I am wearing my ring from Swarovski and my nails were done using a simple dark nail varnish and covering them with Barry M confetti nail coat a few times over the top, they looked so good I just had to leave them for the shoot!
I hope you enjoyed this type of post and let me know what you think and if you want to see more!
H x



  1. Your jumper is absolutely amazing, I can't believe it was only £15! I love this outfit, especially how you've acessorised it.

    Sophie x |

  2. Amazing sale buys


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