Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Simple Layers

I wanted to share with you another outfit I shot with my friend Monique featuring my amazing TK Maxx layered jumper. I adore the whole symmetrical and almost 'straight' fashion which consists of clean cut edges and block monochromes and occasionally a splash of colour and the addition of this jumper into my wardrobe has now allowed me to do this effortlessly.
I have seen a few jumpers like this around on the high street in shops such an H and M and especially Zara and of course it is always worth having a look in TK Maxx for these pieces if you have to time to look as you really can strike gold when it comes to TK.
I love the way that the layers allow me to build this outfit up for the weather and how dressy or casual I want to make this jumper. As seen on a previous outfit post I paired this with a long knitted dress acting as a skirt and giving me an extra layer of warmth and the straightness of the jumper worked so so well with the black long bottom of the dress, paired with some block heels the smart casual look was complete. As shown below just a simple pair of black jeans and a pair of simple black boots works wonders, this could be made warmer by perhaps the addition of a leather jacket and a plain black scarf, or for my more colourful readers perhaps a red scarf (also perfect for this time of year) and some leather gloves.
This look would also look perfect with an oversized coat to give a proper extra layer against the cold winter weather, and this is a staple of I am sure many of your wardrobes I am sure. A pair of black skinny jeans and a turtle neck in winter is honestly something you cannot go wrong with and layering up with accessories such as s fluffy scarf and gloves makes it ever so easily transferable to the colder days and nights.
I hope you enjoyed this post!
H x


Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Tartan army


This a look that I just completely fell in love with for autumn. The tartan dress is such a good look for this time of year but the muted colours keeping it dark mean that it doesn't stand out too much and just looks perfect for this time of year!
The dress is from Mango (all linked below) so is therefore not too expensive and it is the nicest tartan dress I have seen recently. The hype over tartan has died down a little bit now thank goodness so you wont look like a sheep wearing this print now, and the a line cut of the dress makes it perfect for any shape. Paired with a simple pair of black tights and army boots it cuts off the girly edge and gives it a more street style everyday comfortable but still killing it look. 

The black parka goes with the black boots but any kind of black coat would look good with this dress and boot combo, a tailored longer coat would give it a slightly different clean cut look but it depends what your personal style is! Even go wild and wear a red coat with it if it takes your fancy, but my personal preference is to keep it nice and dark. I would wear this with my long waterfall coat that ties in at the waist. 

When it comes to accessories simple was the best way to go in my mind. Just a plain messenger bag makes it easy on everyday but added with a thick black or dark tartan scarf would bring it into the more winter months we are heading into alongside some warm gloves or mittens. This is just a super sweet look for the autumn and Christmas time and would look fab walking around the Christmas markets!!

MANGO red dress
$56 - johnlewis.com

ONLY parka coat
$38 - only.com

Whistles black tight
$19 - whistles.com

Dorothy Perkins green bag
$40 - dorothyperkins.com

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
H x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Luxy Accessories!

While at the My Bandage Dress event I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Sabrina who owns a fabulous jewellery company which makes the most gorgeous statement necklaces. I was having a chat with her about her pieces and she was telling us about how she aims to create the highest quality of necklaces and other jewellery for the best price, and trust me ladies the price is most definitely right. 

I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful black (she knows...) and silver statement necklace, alongside with some dior inspired earrings and a pair of statement ones too. I fell in love with them the second I opened the package! 

These are the stunning statement black, gold and silver earrings and honestly they are so so gorgeous and catch the light like a dream. They are so light which was a great bonus for me as I have steered clear of statement earrings in the past as I always thought they would be super heavy on my ears and these are so light I could hardly feel them! The winged look of them is gorgeous and has so far suited everything I paired them with and I am pretty sure they will be making an appearance on my Christmas outfit this year once I get round to sorting it!

Close up you can see the individual stones and the chain drops with little feathers on the bottom, which to my surprise also didn't irritate me by banging into the side of my face or getting caught in my hair at all!

These below are the Dior inspired earrings which I found very interesting as they are bigger on the underside than the top, you can wear them on either side so you could have the bigger on the outside or on the inside. 

These are so wearable and I was over the moon with them! 
I was also sent a necklace as previously mentioned which I featured on my instagram here! so go check it out! 
All of the gorgeous pieces I have mentioned and you can see you can buy from the Luxy Accessories website and there is a link here!! The prices are honestly so so so so worth it as the quality is just as good as many statement necklaces I have seen in high street shops such as Zara and for a fraction of the price so you have to definitely check her shop out if you know this is your type of thing or even just for something to go with that Christmas or party outfit you are planning. 
H x

Monday, 10 November 2014

Layers Upon Layers

This is an outfit that I put together for when I recently went shooting with my very talented friend Monique who was nice enough to use her photography skills to take some photos that I would be able to use on my blog as proper blog posts so I hope you enjoy them!

When I tried this outfit on the night before when I was figuring out what I wanted to bring with me I absolutely fell in love with it, the thin split on the jumper just worked well with the contrasting longer dress underneath and the fact that it was all jumper material it left a very warm and cosy Hayleigh.
The jumper was a recent purchase from TK Maxx which I found in the sale for a fabulous £15 they had a white one too but I just preferred the shade of grey this was. I paired it with a turtleneck jumper dress that I bought from Zara in the sale a year or so ago, it is just a cut off arm down to the floor or ankle length dress. I got in in a L as it was the only size left so I think it may have been intended to be more fitted than mine is but I really like the way it looks and it means I can eat lots in it so its a complete winning situation for me...
For shoes I decided to wear my beautiful Zara peep toe booties which I absolutely ADORE and they were in the sale this year for, wait for it... £15, yes £15! They are so easy to walk in and due to them being cut out at the back and having support around your ankle they are much more easy to wear than they may first appear.
I used them in this outfit just because I felt that the whole outfit was very 'blocky' with straight lines and it seemed very clean cut to me so these boots fit in perfectly with this feel for me.

When it came to accessories I paired it with my statement earrings from the fabulous Luxy Accessories!
And then for the rest of my accessories, I went for my everyday purse from Status Anxiety which honestly have the most beautiful leather goods you will ever see. I am wearing my ring from Swarovski and my nails were done using a simple dark nail varnish and covering them with Barry M confetti nail coat a few times over the top, they looked so good I just had to leave them for the shoot!
I hope you enjoyed this type of post and let me know what you think and if you want to see more!
H x

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