Wednesday, 8 October 2014

YourTea Tiny Tea Tox Review

Your Tea Review;


The lovely people at Your Tea were kind enough to send me one of their 28 day Tea Tox for me to try out, and naturally an easy way to slim down was an exciting prospect for me. I have always or at least over the past year and a bit been conscious of my stomach and I am sure that this is something unfortunately a lot of girls suffer from, I go in and out of loving myself and I am sure this is not uncommon.
The Tiny Tea promised a reduction in bloating, a better energy and a general better feeling of wellbeing. When I made my first cup, the first thing that I struggled with was the taste, it is as to be expected with it being a tea of the green variety, it tasted um, well of nature. The guide of the side of the box (which is very beautiful may I say) suggested to add honey or lemon, both of these did improve the taste so if you are unable to bare the taste then I do suggest that you follow these guidelines, however I decided to stick it out as I figured that after 28 days I would be used to the taste and would start to enjoy it, and I was right. After a week or so the taste became familiar and I actually looked forward to drinking it. At first the three times a day drink was an issue as I have sixth from and it seemed like it would be hard to allow myself one half way through the day, however I made my second drink in the morning along with my first but made this is in a travel mug to take to school and drink during my lunch break.
I did see a reduction in my bloating which for me is the main issue, after food I found that my stomach was less likely to balloon out and for me this point alone made it a winner. I loved the way that it did this as it meant that I felt more confident within myself which to me was a big thing. I do highly recommend this is if this is something which you struggle with as it did in general tend to make me feel better about myself.
If you are not wanting to pay for the full 28 day pack I highly recommend the 14 day Tea Tox because I was definitely seeing results after this amount of time. The 14 day tea tox is available here and the 28 day tea tox is available here.
All of their teas have a wide range of international shipping so do not feel that because of where you live you are missing out! On top of this they have a huge range of teas available including Her Tea, Fertility Tea and many other wonderful teas which I am DYING to try!!

I did see some good results with this tea, and I think I am going to re purchase around two weeks before my holiday to get results again, I highly recommend this if you are needing that extra motivation to loose some weight or just to make you feel a little better about yourself!

Thank you for taking time out your lovely day to read this review and I hope that it was helpful if you were thinking of trying out this particular tea, if you have any further questions about it then please feel free to ask me! If you have any suggestions for posts then please do let me know below!
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