Monday, 20 October 2014

Rock on Ruby XX Review!

The wonderful ladies at Rock on Ruby were kind enough to send me a fabulous personalised American Apparel crop top with my username on the back and my favourite Halloween inspired quote from Oscar Wilde on the front!
As its coming up to Halloween I will be definitely showcasing this in my outfits in the run up so keep your eyes peeled! This top is so so comfy and the writing print is of such high standard I know that it isn't going to fade anytime soon (happy Hayleigh!)

They allowed me to choose the font, the text and how I wanted it to look, what more could I want!
As this is a black crop top it is so very easy to style into an everyday outfit. I am planning on wearing it with high waisted black skinnies as shown in the picture, black boots and a black coat (finding my choice of colour scheme surprising?). However I have had a play around with this for other looks and it works perfectly with a high waisted skirt and some opaque tights, its a perfect autumn look for the transition from warm to cold weather, layer it up with a cardigan and a coat or just simply a coat, perhaps try a statement colour to make the crop stand out that little bit more! Don't be afraid to show your mid drift this autumn!

The addition of my username on the back really made me fall in love with this top.
But its not just crop tops you can get from Rock on Ruby oh no! They have a huge selection of tops and accessories which you can incorporate into any outfit, and the added bonus of being able to personalise any item is a no brainer! My favourite items on their site are of course, the wonderful black crop which I was lucky enough to receive, I also adore their new Christmas quote jumpers and t shirts, who doesn't need a Christmas jumper?! They are also FABULOUS ideas for presents for friends as you can personalise any with your friends favourite tv quote, band lyric or anything else they love!
 They were also kind enough to send me a fabulous choker which I intend to work into my Halloween outfit this year, so keep a look out on my instagram for that!

I hope you enjoyed this post and check out Rock on Ruby and make a cheeky purchase! Let me know if you have any ideas for posts you are wanting to see or anything like that! I have a few Polyvore outfits to post so keep an eye out! I am also going to be shooting some proper outfit posts very soon so hopefully this will help make my blog even better for you guys to read!
Exciting times!
H x



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