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Red Velvet

Red Velvet

I have suddenly fallen in love with fluffy coats, I don't know how and I don't know when but I am just lusting so very hard over every fluffy coat I see and having to restrain myself from emptying my bank account over every single one... I was lucky enough to receive the most beautiful Henry Holland fluffy bright red coat from Debenhams and I am so so grateful and cant wait to upload some outfit posts about it!
A colour in which I have and I am sure many other people associate with autumn is burgundy and deep reds. It is just such a rich and beautiful colour which is so easy to wear through your clothes, accessories and make up in so many ways, its a win win situation!
This beautiful fluffy coat is from H and M and I absolutely fell in love with it and its price tag! I have always loved H and M for the quality of their clothes for the prices in which you pay as I have mentioned in previous posts. This coat could be worn with absolutely anything due to the monochrome colour scheme, always an easy scheme to work with no matter what the occasion. This could be worn with a simple pair of black skinnies and coloured up with accessories as shown in the outfit I created here, or just all black or even over a dress and heels on a fancy night out to add some stylish warmth to your outfit.
What I love about this outfit is the fact that all of these pieces can easily be worked into other outfits. I have always been one to add colour into an outfit through my accessories and keeping my actual clothing pieces to more interchangeable ones, essentially allowing me to keep up to date with trends without breaking the bank every time fashion changes its unpredictable mind.
I chose a cropped jumper as I think that this style of jumper is such a great way to work the transition from kind of chilly to very cold throughout the winter months, the colour of this jumper is gorgeous and a lovely in between from bright red to deep red.
The shoes and the bag are both from H and M as I loved the fact that they were the same colour and complimented each other and the outfit so very well. I am seriously contemplating investing in a more colourful everyday bag so that I can avoid the 100% black look all the time, however I know I am going to be wearing my new Henry Holland coat a lot from now on! The shoes and bag are very reasonably priced and I went into H and M recently and had a look and the quality of both items is very very good so if you like what you see I highly recommend a trip to your local H and M or visit the online site!
When it comes to beauty in fall it is ever so easy to find deep reds and purples to give any of your normal outfits an autumnal edge. A deep red lipstick can be found anywhere and the price you will pay for it is completely up to you. If you know that you wil not get much wear out of it but want to add it into some of your outfits, I recommend a trip to Superdrug and to have a look at the £1 MUA Cosmetics lipsticks as I have most shades and they have fabulous pigmentation and wear for the extremely good price you pay. MAC is also a good place if you are wanting to get a deep red, I am lusting over VIVA GLAM II as its such a beautiful matte deep red, I have been telling myself to buy it for months!
Crop top 

H M black jacket
$48 -

Dr. Denim black skinny jeans
$36 -

H&M ankle boots
$48 -

Forever 21 tote bag

Lip gloss
I hope that you enjoyed this outfit post! I love making these kinds of posts and cannot wait to get started making some proper outfit posts for you all! As always let me know if there are any looks and posts you want to see!
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