Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Everyday Make Up Routine!

Hello one and all, I get frequent questions as to what make up I use on a daily basis and I thought that since I have a night of no work that I would finally make this post for you! I hope that you enjoy!
I have never really been one for use of a primer or anything like this, whether this be because I don't tend to have quite enough time, or that it has just never been particularly seen as a necessity to me!
Lets start with my foundation;
I use the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in shade NC25, I started using this foundation when I went into Manchester to get my make up for prom, before this I used Bobbi Brown liquid foundation in the shade Warm Sand, and it was very good but when I started using this I just knew it would become my everyday foundation! It is a medium coverage so you can use it every day without it looking or feeling too cakey, and then for occasions when you are wanting to have more coverage you can just simply apply more foundation and spread it around less. For application I use a rounded stippling brush which is honestly the best way that I have found to apply foundation, for a while I always used to use the standard foundation brush which just doesn't give you a natural finish and instead comes across as pained on. I also have a Real Techniques small foundation brush, which again I just do not feel that it is too small to apply to your whole face. I am really wanting to invest in a beauty blender because I really think that it would allow me to blend out my foundation and contour even better!
With regards to application using a brush, make sure that you brush down your face or in circular motions, this is due to it stopping you from covering the small facial hairs, which everyone has, stopping them from becoming covered in product and standing out.
The next product I use on my face is this H and M bronzer, and I mainly use this for my contour, this was honestly such a good purchase it was only 2 or 3 pounds and I have had such good use out of it, I love the colour and I love the half matte half shiny finish it has. I apply this under my cheekbones in the contour area until it is a rather strong pigmented contour line, I do this using a fat fan brush to create the right swept line look. I then use a buffing brush and buff out the edges so that it looks more natural and not too harsh!
I then apply Chanel Blush in the shade In Love to the apples of my cheek! I got this off depop as I could not afford it in real life!!
For my eyebrows I use the MUA eyebrow kit and I absolutely swear by this! It is the best value for money and I haven't stopped using it since I bought it! As it is a palette it means that it is also super duper easy to carry around with you to touch up your fabulous eyebrows. I just apply the darker colour (now my hair is basically black...) using an angled eyeshadow brush which is such a good way of applying an eyebrow product! If powder is not the eyebrow route in which you are wanting to take, I also recommend MUA eyebrow pencils and they are only £1 so you would me mad not to at least try it out!
Undress Me Too Palette
This is the eye shadow palette I currently use, and I get many questions about the shadows I use on my eyes and this is it! for £4! I have seen many people say that this is a good dupe for the Naked palettes and as I have never tried these out I cannot say, however I ADORE this as I can create so many looks, the shiny powders are very pigmented including the matte black which really is a deep strong black colour which I used to make a shadow liner or darken the crease. I tend to use the two lightest colours to cover the lid and then start with the lightest shiny shadow in the middle of my eye and work outwards with the darker shadows until I use the darkest brown colour along the inner crease of my eyelid and then place black in the corner of the lid and then I blend them out using my Eco Tools blending brush! I highly recommend this as an everyday palette and its very easy to carry around as it is light and contains all the colours you would need for an everyday look and for a touch up!
This is the mascara I use from www.youniqueproducts.com which is honestly the most AMAZING mascara I have never found one that makes my eyelashes as bold and as long as these do and I am not just saying it I have become addicted to using this! I highly recommend one of these its changed the way I work my eyelashes into my make up looks!
I use the Dior Addict It-Line Liner in black for my winged eyeliner when I am not wanting a shadow look, it is very very good however there are many high street liquid eyeliner alternatives which would be just as good!
I also use this Eyeko Skinny liquid liner which is the first felt tip liner I have ever actually loved using, I actually got this in a magazine and I was so happy as I had previously received one the same way but forgot to put the lid back on properly so it dried out! But this is honestly such a good liner it doesn't dry up and it makes eyeliner so easy to apply. I highly recommend this if you are not comfortable with doing winged liner as you can make it much more precise and it will look fabulous no matter your practice!
This tends to be the eye look which I go for, including my eyebrows and my eye shadow etc. As you can also see I do not tend to wear anything on my lips so I am currently on the look out for a decent nude lip colour to wear daily!
I don't really have a lip product in which I regularly use due to me being at sixth form almost every day, I love using Mac Velvet Teddy for when I want a neutral lip and then I tend to just use an EOS lipbalm for just a shiny look, lip looks always vary as I am sure you will know!!
I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it helps you if you were wondering anything about my every day make up that it helped you out! If you liked these kinds of posts or if you are wanting to see any particular posts to come then please do let me know as I love hearing from you guys!

H x


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