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My Bandage Dress Autumn/Winter preview event!

My Bandage Dress Autumn/Winter Preview Event!

I was lucky enough to get invited to the My Bandage Dress blogger preview event for their new collection as they are splitting into two sub brands, a more expensive luxury line and then a more affordable everyday street wear style clothing.
I woke up early and dragged Joe into Manchester for a quick and very filling breakfast at Moose Café in Manchester (which I cannot recommend enough its so yummy) and then I got on my train to Birmingham New Street. After the hour and a half journey in which I had to hastily and very carefully apply my make up (not as easy as it sounds on a train!), paint my nails and sort out my bed head hair! I finally got to the station and headed straight to the Bull Ring to meet the wonderful Lucy Flight, with her lovely friends Phoebe and M. And honestly they were the most lovely girls and i am so happy that going down to the event made me 3 wonderful friends who i really hope to be able to see again in the future. I will leave links to their fabukous YouTube's at the end and you must must must go and subscribe I adore every single one of their videos!

Me and the absolutely gorgeous Lucy Flight,
who I more than hope becomes
a close friend as I get on with her so very well!

After a quick drive to the event, a quick shoe change on the pavement outside the hotel we headed into the Jury Inn, touched up our make up and headed upstairs to the event room.
The room was soooo cute with balloons dangling down from the ceiling and so many cute details such as personalised cupcakes and a pick and mix stand!
There were rails showcasing items from the new collection and there were some absolutely GORGEOUS pieces I fell in love with. There were items which would honesty suite everyones style im sure anyone would have been able to pick out some key pieces, i know I certainly could!
There was also an absolutely stunning jewellery stand with the most lovely lady and her brand is called Luxy Accessories - she uses the same suppliers as Zara and creates the most gorgeous statement necklaces and other gorgeous jewellery pieces, and they are exactly the same quality as those you would find in Zara for such better value for money. You absolutely HAVE to check out her website
These were some of the stunning pieces from Luxy Accessories!

We were then all seated for the catwalk to showcase their new pieces, and I have to say they looked even better on the models walking down the catwalk! Probably aided by the fact that they were honestly some of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen in my life!
There were some stunning bandage wrap pieces which would make anyone look and feel a million dollars and then there were some more casual every day pieces which was really nice to see that the brand was now wanting to expand into these areas as they've done so very well in the more dressy going out side of fashion. They showcased a gorgeous coat with a fur lining and collar which was shown in tan and in black (which made me very happy of course).

The balloons hanging from the ceiling were such a sweet touch!
My absolute favourite piece was a snakeskin print monochrome bodycon dress with spaghetti straps and a triangle bustier shaped top half, and I could tell that I was not alone in my adoration of this because she was greeted to a cacophony of ooohs and ahhhs as it was strutted down the runway.
I will add some images at the end of this post of some of my favourite outfits from the show. But I would like to thank the girls from My Bandage Dress for so very kindly inviting me to their amazing event, I had such a wonderful time and managed to meet some amazing people and some of which I hope to become very good friends with. As my first proper event as a blogger it was pretty nerve racking but I would like to again thank the girls Lucy, Phoebe and M for meeting up with me and for being so lovely to me! I hope that I will be involved in things like this again in the future as this is something I love doing. I am going to get all deep now and thank you all for being so supportive and kind both via my blog and via my instagram because if it wasn't for you wonderful followers I would not have got the chance to do any of this or be doing things like what I am doing now so just thank you very very very much and I will always keep trying to make posts about what you want so please do keep suggestions coming as I love making these blog posts.
Soppy part over! Now on to some of the stunning outfits!
This is one of their thick bandage mini skirts which they are I think planning to bring out in light pastel colours such as pink, blue, white and other colours like this. The material of these skirts and dresses was honestly so very amazing, they were so thick and would give you so much support and felt like they would be soooo comfortable, which if you are trying to dress up, is a god send! I am definitely hoping that they decide to bring the bandage pieces out in a classic black colour!

I am not usually a fan of jumpsuits as I have never really felt like I would suit one and I have always struggled when thinking about it in my head, to come up with a decent outfit that would work well. But the girls at My Bandage Dress certainly knew their style! 
This is the dress I was talking about previously! Isn't it stunning!

The models at the event were absolutely gorgeous I was in awe, don't they look fab?!

The new collection featured some amazing back detailing on so many of the pieces, features which many clothes lack!
On the me front, I decided (after so so so long of choosing, including a last minute dash to Primark, and I do mean last minute as it was right before I went to get my train) and I chose to wear my Topshop mess panel at the bottom dress paired with my River Island belt. I then went for my new Primark shoes which were in the sale for £10 (£10????!!!!) and then my Pauls Boutique 'Hayley Moc Croc' handbag which is to die for!
I then layered with my trusty black coat from TK Maxx, always a winner!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think in the comments below and please let me know if you are wanting to see any posts in particular in the future!
And please go and subscribe to Lucy's YouTube channel, M's YouTube and Phoebe's YouTube! They are all amazing YouTuber's so please go and subscribe!
H x


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