Monday, 13 October 2014

Il dolce far niente.

I was looking through my photos on my laptop, reliving some wonderful memories with wonderful people in wonderful places, and I came across this photo.
This is a photo I took while in Iceland In February this year, and ironically enough it might just have been on Valentine's Day. And that got me thinking about things that I love, and things that bring me peace. Nothing brings me peace, and I have really noticed this recently. I have a love for nothing, I love the feeling of doing nothing and I love things that represent the sheer beauty of nothing. I take no greater comfort than being at peace with people who make me happy with a clear mind and time on my hands to provide solely to the conditioning of my own life. The adoration to be able to travel and enjoy nothingness in vast expanses of beautiful nature and stunning scenery.
Looking at this picture I realised that this image sums up how I would like my mind to be, the beauty of Iceland was the sheer nothingness and the awe inspiring beauty of that nothingness nature provided. I remember being in this spot taking this picture and looking around me at the sheer vastness, on a country so small, it amazed me at how concentrated the beauty and the force of nature could be.
I looked into the peace found from nothing and I came across and Italian phrase 'Il dolce far niente' which simply means, 'the sweetness of doing nothing'. I cannot think of a more beautiful way of describing the utter peace I crave so dearly.
So I hope this stunning image of this beautiful water scene taken close to the North Atlantic Ocean, just looking at it clears my mind.
So if you're feeling stressed, just have a look at this and imagine you're there and yes, it was even more quiet and peaceful that it looks.
If you click on the image on a laptop it will come up bigger and you can have a better look.
(This post is in entry into the Depths Of Perception competition which you can have a look at the competition page here!)


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