Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Boots Boots Boots!!

Boots Boots Boots!!

I wanted to make this post to stress the necessity of owning a pair of ankle boots.
I live in ankle boots and had worn my trusty Office chelsea boots for honestly a solid year almost every day, through winter and through summer without fail, I have always found, for at least my style anyway, that they work with any outfit I am wanting to wear. Recently if you follow my instagram you will have seen that I recently replaced by beloved worn out Chelsea boots (however I couldn't ever have the heart to throw them away) with a pair of Dune black lace up boots with a slight heel, these were on sale when I was down in Birmingham for the My Bandage Dress event and afterwards I ended up going and having a gander around the shops in the Bull Ring (which is fabulous by the way I highly recommend!) and wandered into Selfridges. The Selfridges is gorgeous and I fell in love with these and justified myself a pair due to the fear of my new shoes creating gaping holes sometime soon.
When it comes to ankle boots, my best advice is to wear what you want, helpful right? I love wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans in the autumn winter time as I just think the closeness of the boots to your ankle just looks so good with the skinniness of jeans! My go to colour for ankle boots has always been black mostly due to the fact that I would rather invest in some boots which I know will look good with anything I was wanting to wear however high street shops such as Zara always have some stunning ankle boots which vary in style and design. I included a black and white pair within this collage because I just thought that they were absolutely stunning and these styled boots would be a great alternative to those lovers of monochrome or those who just prefer some colours that are not black within their outfit, I can see boots like this looking well with an a line skirt and some cute tights and a nice and warm coat, perfect winter outfit!! Don't be afraid to add pops of colour into your outfits this time of year as doing this really makes you stand out from the crowd of scarfs and beanies.
I also included the knee high boots as knee high boots are something I am absolutely lusting over at the moment and am definitely in need of! I think it would be a great way to try and make myself look that little bit taller as I do have short issues... I saw a nice pair in Forever 21 at the weekend so this is tempting... I just think that it would look fabulous with a pair of skinnies and a big furry/fluffy coat, mm mm mmmmm I need this outfit. I just really do feel that for winter and autumn especially, ankle boots are a way of keeping in with trends, while being comfy and keeping your feet warm!
I wanted to make sure that all of or at least most of the shoes which I used in this blog post were relatively affordable and within a range of prices therefore then hopefully they can be used as inspiration for your own outfits and perhaps your next purchase! I tried to cover most bases and styles with what I picked! Have a look below to see which have been used in the post!
Look below for details!
H x

Vince Camuto ankle boots

Seychelles ankle boots

Kenneth Cole short boots

Steve Madden ankle boots

Leather shoes

Slip on boots

Bibi Lou black shoes
$120 -

Nly Shoes knee high boots
$64 -

H&M black shoes
$56 -

Anna Field black shoes
$54 -

Nly Shoes black booties
$52 -

H&M high heel boots
$48 -


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