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Black Always

Black always

Black always by hayleighjm featuring high waisted black skinny jeans

Black Always;
I am a lover of the colour black and I am sure that if you follow my instagram you may have somehow cottoned on to this fact, I love the simplicity and versatility of it and how easy it is to create effortless looks without a huge palette range. It wont ever go out of style, and therefore, neither will you, winner right?
For this look I tried to use pieces which were actually affordable, the temptation on Polyvore to just place in the most beautiful Balenciaga bag is almost unbearable, however I feel that this way is much more beneficial to both you and I, because I have to say I do die inside every time I see a Saint Laurent leather jacket which I cannot ever afford.

For this look, I started by looking for a coat, at this time of year the weather does get rather cold and as much as you  may not want to, you will be in need of a coat addition to your wardrobe. I recommend black, even if you are the most colourful person in the world I think that not having a simple black coat in your life means you are missing out on so many amazing looks that are just so simple to create. I have infact seen this particular coat in person and it does look very warm, which handily will mean that you do not have to ruin your favourite outfit by adding jumper after jumper on top. As it is from H and M the quality will still be maintained for the price that you pay and from experience, items from H and M have a long wear. This coat could easily be your winter staple, placed over pretty much any outfit, the colour black will effortlessly blend and match. I have my new black waterfall structured coat with a belt from TK Maxx and I have found that no matter what I put it over it works so well and helps pull my outfit together without hindering me the warmth in winter I so crave. So an investment into a black staple coat any winter is my greatest tip I can provide you with. More high end high street places such as Zara will have coats at a higher price but may provide that extra stylish edge to a coat you are wanting for your winter wardrobe.

Next are the accessories, I adore combat boots I think it is such a good way to pull off laid back style without it being slouchy or looking like you have just rolled out of bed (however the number of times I have slept in a shirt, rolled out of bed and thrown on a pair of jeans is more than I care to admit.) it is a good way of looking laid back and effortlessly 'cool' (so much hatred for that word). The bag I thought would be a good staple bag as, like the coat, is wearable in many ways not just one, a black bag as many of you will most likely know is the best go to piece you can have. Whether it is your every day bag or just for an outfit this Mango bag is an excellent option, I always feel like Mango is very similar to Zara in prices and in quality and therefore, even though I have not owned a Mango bag but have indeed owned a Zara bag I feel that you would get plenty of wear out of the bag for the reasonable price you would pay.
I absolutely adore this high neck top, I love the length, I love the fit and of course, I love the colour. The price of this is extremely reasonable and subsequently I am very very tempted to purchase this myself as I think that it would be an amazing staple piece transferable to many looks and styles. The jeans, are from H and M like the coat, I have so many pairs of jeans which are from H and M as I love the quality of them which you receive for the price which you pay. The ripped effect adds to the laid back feel of this particular look however pairing all of this with some plain black skinny jeans would add some sophistication if you were wanting to dress up the outfit a bit more, or pair with some heeled chelsea boots for a more stylish look perhaps for a shopping trip or lunch out.

High neck top

H M black velvet coat
$65 -

$49 -
Thank you ever so much for reading this post I very much hope you enjoyed it as I am very much enjoying writing on my blog at the moment and just writing in general! Please feel free to let me know whether you enjoyed this post and whether there are any looks or types of looks which you would like me to re create!
H x

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