Friday, 31 October 2014


This Kipling bag from their new Autumn/Winter collection is my new everyday baby. It has very quickly become my everyday bag. It is a metallic black/dark grey leather with a single strap. It has a large middle section and two smaller sections either side of the back with magnetic fasteners.
I love the little detailing on this bag, the little logo and the metal money keyring, which I actually adore! It hold so much stuff, which considering I travel a lot, comes in very handy. It easily fits my laptop in and everything else I need.

I have found that the bag literally goes with everything, the fact that it is black and dark grey means that it adds depth to a more darker outfit but still blends with black or adds a darker element to a light grey outfit as shown in the outfit I chose to wear with it! It is also good with colours as I have worn it with reds, deep greens and burgundy's all of which are fall colours.

It is safe to say that this Kipling bag is definitely my new favourite everyday bag, make sure you go and check out their website and their new Autumn/Winter collection here!
Thank you for taking time to read this and I hope you enjoyed, photos taken by the wonderful Monique (
H x


Wednesday, 29 October 2014


I recently received these really great sunglasses from!
I was so impressed by the quality of them and I have been looking around for some Ray Ban style sunglasses for as long as I can remember as I am sure I am not alone in not wanting to spend too much money on a pair of Ray Ban's.

The tortoise shell sunglasses are a great alternative to those not wanting the black ones but still wanting a darker colour, which is great for wear in the colder months when the sun begins to shine!
The black ones are my favourite as I just love how they frame my face and the size of lens is so good. I was also so impressed by the darkness of the lenses they really block out the sun super well.
So I thought I would just share these with you as I am so very impressed!
The outfit I am wearing is my beautiful H! by Henry Holland coat from Debanhams and mt Free People jumper from Shop Mixology.
I hope you enjoyed this post!
H x 


Red Heaven! - Debanhams Henry Holland Coat!

I just want to start by apologising for the lack of posts recently as my internet was, and still is down! God help me.
I was lucky enough to be chosen by Debenhams to style an absolutely stunning red fluffy Henry Holland coat. As you will probably know, I am not one to wear much colour or at least a lot of it, so the idea of this was a challenge! However when it arrived I completely and utterly fell in love, as you would know if you follow my instagram  you will have seen the sea of red! Fluffy coats are something that has suddenly flown onto the scene of street style with everywhere from Primark to Prada showcasing the comfy things. It is literally like carrying your bed around with you, what more could you want?

I was so surprised at how warm this coat was and it is definitely going to be a coat I will be wearing in winter and through Christmas as it is also a very very festive looking coat. I paired it first with a simple look consisting of my trusty TK Maxx black skinny jeans, a plain v neck tee from Gap and my babies which are my Dune booties I bought from Selfridges in the sale in Birmingham. I loved how the coat worked so well with such a plain and casual outfit, but it doesn't make the outfit too dressy or over the top which means I did not feel out of place walking round the centre of town.

For the second look I created with this coat was one where I decided to go for all black, surprise surprise...
When I first tried this on I had a black tee and some black leggings on and I just fell in love with the contrast of colour with the dark black tones. With the weather in autumn not being too cold but not being too warm, the bare legs surprisingly were not noticeable with the super warm top half of my body. I wore a jumper from Free People available here! which was sent to me by the wonderful online shop Shop Mixology, I then wore my H&M a line skirt and my trusty Dune boots again. This look would also work when it starts to get a little colder by wearing some opaque tights or even thermal tights as it gets into Winter, with some leather gloves and a thick warm scarf.

 This coat is one of the best coats I have ever worn it is so unbelievably warm and I cant stop wearing it! The black version of the coat is now available online at Debenhams here! And its half price! Honestly it is 100% worth a purchase.
I hope you enjoyed this post and the better quality pictures very kindly taken by the wonderful Monique, follow her instagram( )
Let me know what you think below and if you have any post ideas!
H x


Friday, 24 October 2014

A letter to Gerard Way

I found this on the notes of our old iPad, it made me cry. You probably won't get the sentiment behind it but reading it made me happy. Forever a killjoy. 

Confessions to start, I spent an unnecessary amount of time thinking of how to start this letter because frankly, it feels like I've known you a lifetime. The irony behind that is insane but the sentiment to me is strong. I don't really know the sole reason for wanting to write to you, I just knew I wanted to, and sadly, I know this is realistically my only way to reach you. 
Are introductions even in order in this context? If so, then I'm Hayleigh, and it's wonderful to make your metaphorical acquaintance.  This letter is a thank you, of sorts, for many reasons if I'm honest. The amount of support and aid that you provided me with when I needed the most is something I will always hold dear and never forget. Music to me has and always will be my main source of escape from the belittling world we all seem to co-exist in. Everyone has their own way of reaching their inner selves and finding a way of escaping the taunting whispers of every day stress, but this has always been my way. Yourself and MCR always aided me in doing so, and I am thankful. You made me who I am today, when going through the stages in my life where everything was unstable and everything felt like the end of the world and I was shadowed in a melodramatic ideology that everything and everyone was against me, I always found solace in you. I am also in debt to you for helping me come out of places I never should have submerged into, places I never wish to and hope for anyone to visit. You're ever so strong and that to me was something to aspire to be, you are, in my eyes the portrait of things getting better. Providing me with hope made everything feel that little bit better, that I just had to stick it out till the end of the next song, or the end of the album. Writing this looking around my room at all the torn and battered revenge posters and countless others hanging shabbily by one corner via some decaying blue tac, it makes me smile because I remember putting them up, and dancing round my room not giving a care in the world because that's what was making me happy. The freedom in which you provided me with to be myself no matter what negativity I got from peers for doing so, and that's why I'm like I am today. 
I no longer cower to the idea of standing out in a crowd, I embrace it for allowing me to express who I am as an individual human being alone and in great company simultaneously. And for this, I am ever in your debt.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Rock on Ruby XX Review!

The wonderful ladies at Rock on Ruby were kind enough to send me a fabulous personalised American Apparel crop top with my username on the back and my favourite Halloween inspired quote from Oscar Wilde on the front!
As its coming up to Halloween I will be definitely showcasing this in my outfits in the run up so keep your eyes peeled! This top is so so comfy and the writing print is of such high standard I know that it isn't going to fade anytime soon (happy Hayleigh!)

They allowed me to choose the font, the text and how I wanted it to look, what more could I want!
As this is a black crop top it is so very easy to style into an everyday outfit. I am planning on wearing it with high waisted black skinnies as shown in the picture, black boots and a black coat (finding my choice of colour scheme surprising?). However I have had a play around with this for other looks and it works perfectly with a high waisted skirt and some opaque tights, its a perfect autumn look for the transition from warm to cold weather, layer it up with a cardigan and a coat or just simply a coat, perhaps try a statement colour to make the crop stand out that little bit more! Don't be afraid to show your mid drift this autumn!

The addition of my username on the back really made me fall in love with this top.
But its not just crop tops you can get from Rock on Ruby oh no! They have a huge selection of tops and accessories which you can incorporate into any outfit, and the added bonus of being able to personalise any item is a no brainer! My favourite items on their site are of course, the wonderful black crop which I was lucky enough to receive, I also adore their new Christmas quote jumpers and t shirts, who doesn't need a Christmas jumper?! They are also FABULOUS ideas for presents for friends as you can personalise any with your friends favourite tv quote, band lyric or anything else they love!
 They were also kind enough to send me a fabulous choker which I intend to work into my Halloween outfit this year, so keep a look out on my instagram for that!

I hope you enjoyed this post and check out Rock on Ruby and make a cheeky purchase! Let me know if you have any ideas for posts you are wanting to see or anything like that! I have a few Polyvore outfits to post so keep an eye out! I am also going to be shooting some proper outfit posts very soon so hopefully this will help make my blog even better for you guys to read!
Exciting times!
H x


Sunday, 19 October 2014

Burgandy Life

Floppy Madness

Floppy Madness by hayleighjm featuring a red purse

I wanted to create an outfit which incorporated the use of a floppy hat, something which I would love to, but unfortunately find it very difficult to wear. As i have most likely mentioned before the colour I adore for winter and autumn is dark red and burgundy. I think that this outfit allows you to add a 'statement' colour without being the centre of attention, I love how burgundy works as a transition colour from say black to a lighter colour, maybe cream. It means that you can work in colours without too many harsh contrasts, something I know is off-putting for many people's styles .
As i love to wear black i sometimes find that the sudden entrance of opposite colours such as a bright statement colour or white can be a little daunting if you are not in the mood for it.
I think that this look is perfect for the average autumn day, and would also work well in the more colder months layered with an extra jumper for that well needed extra body heat.
As for the top half of this outfit, I left it blank as I feel that this is the area of the outfit where you would bring in your own style element. For example, off the top of my head I would think to pair it with a black polo neck or a black sheer shirt, whereas you may wish to go down the crisp white shirt route, or match it with your favourite cosy jumper. Either way i think that this outfit can be worked into any wardrobe.
When it comes to the shoes I went for a simple and trusty pair of combat boots - a staple for the winter months in my opinion. Chelsea boots would work well also with this or heels for a meal out, however a flat shoe is always a good choice for a day out in town or a shopping trip as the struggle is very much real when it comes to sore feet in the name of style.
The fingerless gloves I think were just a more quirky element I thought would work well with the finished look, the fingerless side of it allows for a more casual feel. I wanted to continue the colour scheme with the bag, which I think is an excellent purchase and very good value for money if you are wanting an autumnal colour in your outfits without buying and committing to a bigger wardrobe addition such as the coat.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think and stay tuned for some fabulous photos from my recent outfit shoot! 
H x

H&M high waisted jeans
$40 -

Wanted military boots

H M red purse
$48 -

Warehouse floppy hat
$40 -

River Island leather glove
$35 -


Red Velvet

Red Velvet

I have suddenly fallen in love with fluffy coats, I don't know how and I don't know when but I am just lusting so very hard over every fluffy coat I see and having to restrain myself from emptying my bank account over every single one... I was lucky enough to receive the most beautiful Henry Holland fluffy bright red coat from Debenhams and I am so so grateful and cant wait to upload some outfit posts about it!
A colour in which I have and I am sure many other people associate with autumn is burgundy and deep reds. It is just such a rich and beautiful colour which is so easy to wear through your clothes, accessories and make up in so many ways, its a win win situation!
This beautiful fluffy coat is from H and M and I absolutely fell in love with it and its price tag! I have always loved H and M for the quality of their clothes for the prices in which you pay as I have mentioned in previous posts. This coat could be worn with absolutely anything due to the monochrome colour scheme, always an easy scheme to work with no matter what the occasion. This could be worn with a simple pair of black skinnies and coloured up with accessories as shown in the outfit I created here, or just all black or even over a dress and heels on a fancy night out to add some stylish warmth to your outfit.
What I love about this outfit is the fact that all of these pieces can easily be worked into other outfits. I have always been one to add colour into an outfit through my accessories and keeping my actual clothing pieces to more interchangeable ones, essentially allowing me to keep up to date with trends without breaking the bank every time fashion changes its unpredictable mind.
I chose a cropped jumper as I think that this style of jumper is such a great way to work the transition from kind of chilly to very cold throughout the winter months, the colour of this jumper is gorgeous and a lovely in between from bright red to deep red.
The shoes and the bag are both from H and M as I loved the fact that they were the same colour and complimented each other and the outfit so very well. I am seriously contemplating investing in a more colourful everyday bag so that I can avoid the 100% black look all the time, however I know I am going to be wearing my new Henry Holland coat a lot from now on! The shoes and bag are very reasonably priced and I went into H and M recently and had a look and the quality of both items is very very good so if you like what you see I highly recommend a trip to your local H and M or visit the online site!
When it comes to beauty in fall it is ever so easy to find deep reds and purples to give any of your normal outfits an autumnal edge. A deep red lipstick can be found anywhere and the price you will pay for it is completely up to you. If you know that you wil not get much wear out of it but want to add it into some of your outfits, I recommend a trip to Superdrug and to have a look at the £1 MUA Cosmetics lipsticks as I have most shades and they have fabulous pigmentation and wear for the extremely good price you pay. MAC is also a good place if you are wanting to get a deep red, I am lusting over VIVA GLAM II as its such a beautiful matte deep red, I have been telling myself to buy it for months!
Crop top 

H M black jacket
$48 -

Dr. Denim black skinny jeans
$36 -

H&M ankle boots
$48 -

Forever 21 tote bag

Lip gloss
I hope that you enjoyed this outfit post! I love making these kinds of posts and cannot wait to get started making some proper outfit posts for you all! As always let me know if there are any looks and posts you want to see!
H x

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Boots Boots Boots!!

Boots Boots Boots!!

I wanted to make this post to stress the necessity of owning a pair of ankle boots.
I live in ankle boots and had worn my trusty Office chelsea boots for honestly a solid year almost every day, through winter and through summer without fail, I have always found, for at least my style anyway, that they work with any outfit I am wanting to wear. Recently if you follow my instagram you will have seen that I recently replaced by beloved worn out Chelsea boots (however I couldn't ever have the heart to throw them away) with a pair of Dune black lace up boots with a slight heel, these were on sale when I was down in Birmingham for the My Bandage Dress event and afterwards I ended up going and having a gander around the shops in the Bull Ring (which is fabulous by the way I highly recommend!) and wandered into Selfridges. The Selfridges is gorgeous and I fell in love with these and justified myself a pair due to the fear of my new shoes creating gaping holes sometime soon.
When it comes to ankle boots, my best advice is to wear what you want, helpful right? I love wearing ankle boots with skinny jeans in the autumn winter time as I just think the closeness of the boots to your ankle just looks so good with the skinniness of jeans! My go to colour for ankle boots has always been black mostly due to the fact that I would rather invest in some boots which I know will look good with anything I was wanting to wear however high street shops such as Zara always have some stunning ankle boots which vary in style and design. I included a black and white pair within this collage because I just thought that they were absolutely stunning and these styled boots would be a great alternative to those lovers of monochrome or those who just prefer some colours that are not black within their outfit, I can see boots like this looking well with an a line skirt and some cute tights and a nice and warm coat, perfect winter outfit!! Don't be afraid to add pops of colour into your outfits this time of year as doing this really makes you stand out from the crowd of scarfs and beanies.
I also included the knee high boots as knee high boots are something I am absolutely lusting over at the moment and am definitely in need of! I think it would be a great way to try and make myself look that little bit taller as I do have short issues... I saw a nice pair in Forever 21 at the weekend so this is tempting... I just think that it would look fabulous with a pair of skinnies and a big furry/fluffy coat, mm mm mmmmm I need this outfit. I just really do feel that for winter and autumn especially, ankle boots are a way of keeping in with trends, while being comfy and keeping your feet warm!
I wanted to make sure that all of or at least most of the shoes which I used in this blog post were relatively affordable and within a range of prices therefore then hopefully they can be used as inspiration for your own outfits and perhaps your next purchase! I tried to cover most bases and styles with what I picked! Have a look below to see which have been used in the post!
Look below for details!
H x

Vince Camuto ankle boots

Seychelles ankle boots

Kenneth Cole short boots

Steve Madden ankle boots

Leather shoes

Slip on boots

Bibi Lou black shoes
$120 -

Nly Shoes knee high boots
$64 -

H&M black shoes
$56 -

Anna Field black shoes
$54 -

Nly Shoes black booties
$52 -

H&M high heel boots
$48 -


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Everyday Make Up Routine!

Hello one and all, I get frequent questions as to what make up I use on a daily basis and I thought that since I have a night of no work that I would finally make this post for you! I hope that you enjoy!
I have never really been one for use of a primer or anything like this, whether this be because I don't tend to have quite enough time, or that it has just never been particularly seen as a necessity to me!
Lets start with my foundation;
I use the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in shade NC25, I started using this foundation when I went into Manchester to get my make up for prom, before this I used Bobbi Brown liquid foundation in the shade Warm Sand, and it was very good but when I started using this I just knew it would become my everyday foundation! It is a medium coverage so you can use it every day without it looking or feeling too cakey, and then for occasions when you are wanting to have more coverage you can just simply apply more foundation and spread it around less. For application I use a rounded stippling brush which is honestly the best way that I have found to apply foundation, for a while I always used to use the standard foundation brush which just doesn't give you a natural finish and instead comes across as pained on. I also have a Real Techniques small foundation brush, which again I just do not feel that it is too small to apply to your whole face. I am really wanting to invest in a beauty blender because I really think that it would allow me to blend out my foundation and contour even better!
With regards to application using a brush, make sure that you brush down your face or in circular motions, this is due to it stopping you from covering the small facial hairs, which everyone has, stopping them from becoming covered in product and standing out.
The next product I use on my face is this H and M bronzer, and I mainly use this for my contour, this was honestly such a good purchase it was only 2 or 3 pounds and I have had such good use out of it, I love the colour and I love the half matte half shiny finish it has. I apply this under my cheekbones in the contour area until it is a rather strong pigmented contour line, I do this using a fat fan brush to create the right swept line look. I then use a buffing brush and buff out the edges so that it looks more natural and not too harsh!
I then apply Chanel Blush in the shade In Love to the apples of my cheek! I got this off depop as I could not afford it in real life!!
For my eyebrows I use the MUA eyebrow kit and I absolutely swear by this! It is the best value for money and I haven't stopped using it since I bought it! As it is a palette it means that it is also super duper easy to carry around with you to touch up your fabulous eyebrows. I just apply the darker colour (now my hair is basically black...) using an angled eyeshadow brush which is such a good way of applying an eyebrow product! If powder is not the eyebrow route in which you are wanting to take, I also recommend MUA eyebrow pencils and they are only £1 so you would me mad not to at least try it out!
Undress Me Too Palette
This is the eye shadow palette I currently use, and I get many questions about the shadows I use on my eyes and this is it! for £4! I have seen many people say that this is a good dupe for the Naked palettes and as I have never tried these out I cannot say, however I ADORE this as I can create so many looks, the shiny powders are very pigmented including the matte black which really is a deep strong black colour which I used to make a shadow liner or darken the crease. I tend to use the two lightest colours to cover the lid and then start with the lightest shiny shadow in the middle of my eye and work outwards with the darker shadows until I use the darkest brown colour along the inner crease of my eyelid and then place black in the corner of the lid and then I blend them out using my Eco Tools blending brush! I highly recommend this as an everyday palette and its very easy to carry around as it is light and contains all the colours you would need for an everyday look and for a touch up!
This is the mascara I use from which is honestly the most AMAZING mascara I have never found one that makes my eyelashes as bold and as long as these do and I am not just saying it I have become addicted to using this! I highly recommend one of these its changed the way I work my eyelashes into my make up looks!
I use the Dior Addict It-Line Liner in black for my winged eyeliner when I am not wanting a shadow look, it is very very good however there are many high street liquid eyeliner alternatives which would be just as good!
I also use this Eyeko Skinny liquid liner which is the first felt tip liner I have ever actually loved using, I actually got this in a magazine and I was so happy as I had previously received one the same way but forgot to put the lid back on properly so it dried out! But this is honestly such a good liner it doesn't dry up and it makes eyeliner so easy to apply. I highly recommend this if you are not comfortable with doing winged liner as you can make it much more precise and it will look fabulous no matter your practice!
This tends to be the eye look which I go for, including my eyebrows and my eye shadow etc. As you can also see I do not tend to wear anything on my lips so I am currently on the look out for a decent nude lip colour to wear daily!
I don't really have a lip product in which I regularly use due to me being at sixth form almost every day, I love using Mac Velvet Teddy for when I want a neutral lip and then I tend to just use an EOS lipbalm for just a shiny look, lip looks always vary as I am sure you will know!!
I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it helps you if you were wondering anything about my every day make up that it helped you out! If you liked these kinds of posts or if you are wanting to see any particular posts to come then please do let me know as I love hearing from you guys!

H x
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