Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Re-thinks and Restarts

Over the past couple of months as my Instagram has progressed and my interest and knowledge of the world of fashion growing to even greater expanses, I have started to think about what it is I really want to do after I finish sixth form and head out into the wonderful, and rather daunting world of University. Quite frankly the idea that the paths I choose after my compulsory education will dictate what does will and will not open to me in my professional future petrifies me, I am an over-thinker, and this send me into overdrive.
For a while now I have had in my head that I wanted to be an engineer, particularly within the world of motorsport, stemming from my love of formula 1. Now however, after starting my A levels and starting to experience the step up from GCSE I am wondering whether dedicating 4/5 years of my life at university to it would be something I would actually enjoy.
This then got me thinking as to what the other reasons I was wanting to do engineering were, these being that they tend to be well paid and financial stability and confidence is something I know I will relish and stride to have as an adult, but then I realised that another reason I was thinking about this career path was my parents. I am not saying that my parents were forcing me to go into this field it is the exact polar opposite, in fact a lot of my decisions education wise have been greatly weighted by my personal choices for my own personal benefit. I realised that a large proportion of the reason I was looking into engineering was that I wanted to do my parents proud, and in my head a well paid widely appraised line of work seemed to be the way to go.
However I am no longer hindered by this, I have had a think about what I enjoy, and I urge people in my situation to do the same, if you list what you enjoy and then have a look at where you could go with these skills and enjoyments and perhaps you can find a career in which you will thrive mentally and physically. After all, a dead end job you don't enjoy is never something I wish to have.
Fashion. Fashion was at the top of my list, as you may be able to tell from my Instagram I do enjoy fashion etc. quite a lot. I also enjoy writing, I have always loved writing on my blog however I do not do it nearly enough, which is why as of this post I will be trying to do a minimum of a post a week, taking suggestions from you all and providing you with what you want while aiding my progression as a writer and a blogger, both things I enjoy greatly.
Fashion Journalism is what I am set on now, or at least something around those lines, and it took me some guts to talk to my mum about my change in ideology and frankly she didn't mind at all, she said that she thought I would do well and that we should look into it, hardly the ordeal in which I envisaged the conversation to be. So, this is what I am planning on striving towards as of now and who knows what I will want to be by the end of the year!
So after a boring and unneeded update on my life, my main message is that having understood how stressful the idea of planning out the rest of your life before you are ready or feel half as mature and you should be. Just do what will make you happy, and have a think about what will actually make you happy. Its your life and you will be the one perhaps regretting that opportunity that you never took.
Also, please let me know what posts you would all like to see on here from now on as I shall be starting it up properly as a fashion/lifestyle blog.
Thank you as always for reading my word vomit.
H x
have a lil' picture of me in Canada being happy
P.S if there is anyone out there willing to make me a banner to put at the end of my blog posts I would be ever so grateful and love you forever, if you would like to, then please email me via the email in my Instagram bio; @hayleighjm


  1. This is just how I was! I always thought of fashion as something I loved but as a hobby not a career, but why not make something you love into something you can make a living off and do everyday! so yeah it's such a good idea and next year I'll hopefully be studying fashion styling in London and im so happy I decided too! Good luck with it!!


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