Sunday, 28 September 2014

Autumn/Winter '14 Trends

One of the requests for posts I received was to do and Autumn and Winter trend guide to provide you guys with some inspiration if you were needing it, so hopefully I can try and provide you with some lovely autumnal pearls of fashion wisdom.
I am going to start with my absolute favourite trend no matter where and when and whatever time of year, the oversized coat. It seems that the trend seems to get bigger and bigger every time I see it hit the runway and indeed hit the high street and our wardrobes. I love the idea of an oversized coat, black, camel, beige are my must have colours of this trend. These can be worked over any outfit and I think my undying love for them stems from the fact that they work wonders with the colour black, black jeans, black boots, black turtle neck and a long oversized camel coat is a thing of dreams. At recent fashion weeks around the world designers have been showcasing this look, in particular the extra long black coats, another thing in the fashion fairy tales. Designers such as Dolce and Gabanna and of course, one of my favourite designers Celine. I just stand in awe at the Celine coats in Selfridges and I cannot get over the beauty of them. However, if you do not have thousands to be spending on a Celine coat, well lets face it that's all of us. There are some wonderful alternatives available on the high street from topshop such as this one (which also ties nicely into my next trend the wonders of fur) and here. Also Zara has an absolutely gorgeous camel coloured tie coat in at the moment available here! Zara is always AMAZING for keeping up to date with catwalk trends at relatively affordable prices, or at least a vast improvement on the dent that a Celine would make on your wallet.
These looks by Fendi are exactly what style should be in the autumn time, its basically a case of blending to your surroundings, if you look like autumn, you're doing it right. If you're warm and you look fab, you're doing it even better.
Bold Eyewear
No matter what time of year it is, its always the time of year for some fabulous sunglasses. I have always adored sunglasses and my collection has grown over the years, they have tended to be cheap sunglasses from Primark etc. and I highly recommend Primark as a place to get sunglasses you know will get thrown around maybe to keep in the car for when needed rather than your best pair. Trends in the fashion world at the moment with regards to eyewear seem to be black and bold. But mainly the trend has been bold, and this trend can in fact be worked well by all face shapes, even though you may not think it. With designers like Celine (again, they seem to be doing well this lot) and other designers such as Mui Mui and Saint Laurent also leading the way in this trend. My Christmas present from the lovely Joe is in fact the most beautiful pair of Saint Laurent sunglasses I have ever ever lay my eyes upon and I felt like a complete and utter princess and don't you worry these will be glued to my face for late winter early spring. However you don't have to bare the hefty price tag if you don't want to, if you do I highly recommend that you go in store into Selfridges or Harvey Nichols so you actually try them on! However I have had a look online to find some cheaper alternatives that make it a lot easier to work this trend, Net-A-Porter have a wonderful pair of black chunky sunnies available here! These come in a super cute case and its a win win for everyone.
Fur or Faux?
I really like the idea of incorporating fur into some of my autumn and winter looks this year, Kim Kardashian recently showcased a fabulous Celine (again?!) red fur scarf and it looked absolutely fab. I feel like a fur scarf would allow you to add some extra warmth without bulking yourself out too much and instead keeping up with trends at the same time.
 Fur seems to be, in my opinion one of the most versatile statements you can make in the colder months, I am in definite need of purchasing a fur neck scarf to go over my winter coats, therefore you look like you have fur trim coat, but actually it can be both, win win! However, beware of the bad ways of wearing fur, stay away from full on fur boots, no one wants to be walking around looking like the abominable snowman that's stepped in a puddle... Fur coats have also carried through from last years trends and have been incorporated into the XXXL trend, with long flowing warm fur coats, nothing can go wrong!
I have seen a few high street ways to look this trend mainly from shops such as River Island and Topshop, but any vintage shops would be an amazing place to pick up some loved fur coats or fur wraps at an affordable price, I know this is definitely where I will be heading to get some autumnal pieces.

The Poncho

After my recent visit to Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games, I went into the rather large TK Maxx and picked up a poncho on clearance, I figured that it would be a good thing to throw over the top of an outfit if it was cold or an extra layer under a winter coat. It turns out that it was a very wise purchase as at the recent fashion weeks ponchos have been a prominent feature throughout from the likes of Fendi and were hugely popular in the Burberry show with all of the models lead front and centre by Cara Delavigne all wearing Bureberry ponchos and damn, they looked fierce. TK Maxx have an absolutely amazing selection of ponchos and similar items, some with fur necklines, some with sleeves and a wide variety to fit anyone's style, have a look!
Pair a poncho over a polo neck jumper a pair of skinnies and some winter boots and you have a perfect layed back autumn outfit to bare the ever changing weather.

I also found a couple of images that I thought would be a useful source of inspiration for everyday autumn winter looks! All the images used in this were found online and are not my own!

I hope that this post was everything that you wanted it to be! I just included my favourite styles and trends from the Autumn/Winter catwalks of recent fashion shows along with never changing styles and timeless looks. If there were any trends that I missed out or you would like to see a feature on then please feel free to comment below and I can get to work on them!

Keep your eye out for some outfit posts soon hopefully when I have figured out an effective way of getting high quality images to use, so for now it will be review posts etc. on things you want to see, so as always please let me know!
H x



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