Saturday, 19 July 2014

What Inspires Me To Get Up In The Morning

When I asked for ideas for new posts on this blog this was one of the suggestions, and it immediately got me thinking and I liked the idea that it was a post in which I could just sit and write, so I'm sorry to those of you who prefer more fashion or outfit posts with less writing and more fashion, you may want to go find something else to do but if you want to stick it out and read ahead then by all means do.
Many things make us get up in the morning but at certain points and at certain times singular events carry a heavier weighting on our excited conscious. I know I am like this for certain, some nights I don't sleep due to my head being much more excited than the rest of me and subsequently I end up lacking in energy the following morning.
I must admit that simple things like a bowl of bran flakes in the morning is enough driving force to get my rear from under the sheets, throw on some item of oversized clothing and drag my sorry self down the stairs to chow down on a bowl. However everyone has some things they cannot wait to get up for, whether that be going to see someone on that day, whether that be a friend or a partner of sorts, and I for one have a tendency to wake up much earlier than planned on all of these accounts. Recently at school or at least my last school, getting up at silly hours in the morning (or at least what felt like it, yes yes welcome to the real world Hayleigh) was justified by the fact I would get to see my wonderful best friend everyday and that to me was enough to get me through the days, even the shitty ones. Seeing the people you care about everyday should be enough to make you want to leave your comforting bed every morning, even when the whole world seems to be against you those people should give you the urge to get out, and I think many people, including myself forget about this when everything seems to be going wrong.
My body has always been an early riser, or a late one, there is never really any in between. I find that when i'm doing something, for example making the journey to see Joe I always end up waking up as if it were a school day and I assume that's out of excitement, aw Hayleigh your body is almost as cheesy as you are. Yet when I'm actually at Joe's, I wont wake up, almost as if its because the thing that's making me get up in the morning happens to be right where I can just fall right back asleep, 100% bonus right?
I'm not sure whether anyone else has that but its interesting to think that your surroundings and your situation impacts how your body subconsciously acts.
As its summer and we all have an infinite amount of unoccupied spare time which is usually filled with eating oreos and watching Netflix in bed, so really, what is inspiring us to get up in the morning? I am the type of person to much prefer to have something to do with my day otherwise I end up driving myself insane and feeling very claustrophobic and trapped in my own home. This is why I do things by myself a lot of the time, it always tends to be a spur of the moment plan or I just enjoy my own silent company. I'm inspired to get out of bed to just actually do things, and see people I want to spend time with.
If you're sat inside all the time in bed and you haven't got much inspiring you to get up in the morning and you just make excuses not to do things, why not enjoy your own company? Go into your nearest city and just wander, walk through the back streets and discover some cool ass coffee shops that make you feel like the coolest person in the world sat in. I'm planning on having a Hayleigh day sometime soon, I'm going to go into town and visit the library and spend a few hours there, mooch in some art galleries (#so indie) and just spend some time with myself, and I'm very much looking forward to it.
So if you're unmotivated to get up and do stuff this summer because you feel you have nothing to do, just come up with things that you want to do and go and do them yourself and enjoy and silently appreciate your own company, its the only truly loyal company you have.


  1. I love this post it has actually inspired be to just go out more even if my plans are unplanned. If I know im going for a big clothing shop I seriously cannot sleep the night before, stupid I know but I love shopping!

  2. I understand what it's like to be writing on your blog and think 'does anyone actually care?' But I think a lot of people are interested in your life and your thoughts. I think motivational posts are the best sort as so many people are lacking in it yet don't know where to find it! Keep on blogging :) x

  3. This is so inspiring. A the library is in need xx

  4. this was such a refreshing read and I really love your writing style! keep going with your blog because you have at least one person hooked x


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