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Persun Mall Wish List

I was thinking of having wish lists as a more regular thing on my blog as I thought they may be a good way of getting across trends of the time via outfit plans etc. so I will just try out a few things and see which you all enjoy best! This will help me know what to add in to my outfit posts in summer, I'm so very excited to get this blog up and running properly in the summer I've been looking forward to it for so long and I hope it all works out and you all enjoy it as much as I will!
So, onto Persun Mall!
Persun is a fabulous online shopping destination (ooh I sound like a travel agents!) and honestly the clothes available on the sight are so fabulous I fell in love - don't be put off by the origin of the site the postage over seas is not that much! Its free worldwide shipping on orders over $15! So you can give yourself a cheeky bit of retail therapy and get it at a good price! 15% off is also available off your first order if you sign up to the mailing list (hardly a burden!) and 20% off if you like them on Facebook - even better!
I thought I would show you some of my favourite items from the site and how I would style them so keep reading if you're interested!
From the feet up!
Starting from the bottom of the spectrum I will start with my favourite shoes available on the website! The range of shoes available is absolutely amazing and this is an extremely shortened list!
Firstly following from my last post with the 'chunky sandal' trend - these add a height element! These could be worn in both the day and night and honestly would add an edge to any outfit. Personally i would wear these with white and black as I think these would tie in brilliantly with the simplistic trend at the moment as well. Paired with a crisp white oversized shirt and a black bodycon and you've got a killer outfit! Available here.

Next these Valentino inspired pumps, these are such a need for me as I've been lusting over the real ones every since they came out! I've only wished I could afford the real ones but these are an absolutely perfect alternative to the real deal - and miles cheaper too! These add a 'rock' element to any outfit and them being black just made me love them even more! For you more colour lovers they are available in a range of colours - including pastels, another ever emerging summer trend! Available here.
Slip on pumps have been a predominant trend this season with fashion bloggers all over sporting this casual yet stylish look. They seem to favour slip ons from the likes of Topshop, Steve Madden and H&M however these work just as fabulously. Available here.
Masculinity has also become the fashion in women's style recently - with sharper edges and straight lines allowing a more tailored look. These flats allow you to adhere to that trend without stepping outside your everyday wear comfort zone! Available here.
These are fabulous, I have completely fallen in love with them! They are very similar to a Zara pair which I have had my eye on, they are a good way to work the cut out boot trend which swept Fall/Winter '13 without exposing all of your foot (which is what put me off really). These are available here.
Dresses galore!
I am in desperate need of dresses for summer as at the moment I am solely surviving on jeans and t shirts and I can sense the weather is heating up! So I thought I would pick out a few of my favourites to show you!
OH DEAR GOD HELP I don't think I've ever fallen so hard for a piece of clothing this dress is so me I cant even begin to tell you. The cape is such a wonderful addition to this dress - oh gosh I could gush about this for so long! I NEED this in my summer wardrobe. This absolute gem is available here!
My next favourite surprised me as I'm usually a more shades of grey kind of gal (ayyy) but I've fallen in love with it, I think its the cut and shape that I love most - a line skirts are so easy to work with. Paired with some girl flats or chunky boots as above, this dress would look so good in summer! Available here.
This is such a cute dress - imagining this paired with some combat boots and a little jacket is making me very happy, this outfit needs to be mine! Available here.
This is a dress that I would love to rock on holiday! Over a short cami dress or over a bikini on the beach! I think this is a perfect solution to keeping stylish on holiday without overheating or it being inconvenient! The holes through the material will keep you nice and cool - what more can you want? Available here.
Bottoms - no not that kind you cheeky lot.
As I wrote about in my last blog post - tennis skirts are becoming extremely popular! They are available in so many colours on Persun Mall and are so much cheaper than the slightly overpriced American Apparel versions, grab a bargain here! 
Yet another American Apparel dupe! These style shorts have proven popular over past summers so here you go! Yet another cheap alternative! Available here.
 Everyone needs a pair of ripped jeans right? Need I say anymore? Available here.
Handbags, handbags, never got enough handbags...
I have been looking for an oversized leather clutch for so long it physically hurts my soul. This is absolutely perfect - I love the snakeskin detail it would just look so good with anything ugh. This would look fab with the caped dress and the cut out boots all shown above. Ok that is 100% my ideal outfit of right now mmmm. This beauty is available here.
I don't usually like these kind of things but I thought this one was rather cute and maybe some of you lovely lot would enjoy! This comes in a range of colours and goes on your back just like a little rucksack! I need one like this as in summer you don't want to be dragging your stuff round in a bag switching sides every minute! This is available here!

This is a absolutely fabulous Celine dupe which just automatically puts it in my favourites, this bag is actually beautiful and the colour allows for it to be worn with anything. Its spacious too so yay its convenient for heavy use and god damn it I need it. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry on longer days too - its a win win! Available here.
And finally...
THEY HAVE THE GLASSES! So for all of you wanting a pair similar to mine, I have your solution finally! These are available here!!!
So there you have it! I'm sorry if this was too long for some of you but I enjoyed making it so that's all that matters to me really! If this hasn't given you reason to go and check out then I don't know what will! Have a good browse and treat yourself with a cheeky purchase because frankly we all deserve it at the moment with all this exam stress!
Leave a comment and let me know what you think and whether you'd like these wish lists as a regular thing!
Hayleigh x


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