Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hopes for Summer.

Recently, exams have got me feeling like I just want to lock myself away and never speak to or look at another human being in my life. They have well and truly sucked the life out of me and caused me to become an absolute pain in the arse to both my parents and my friends and I really cannot wait for it to be over and for summer to begin. From the looks of it exams are having the same synonymous effect on most young teenagers being forced to sit in an exam hall and inwardly cry over this question they don't understand - or, if you're on the AQA board for GCSE Biology, you're forced to discuss the sexual relations between two shrimp who are 'just not that into one another' something no one wants to spend their time doing.
Exams and they negativity it seems to be shrouding me in, have made me not only just be a general negative knickers but be negative about the positives. And that's kinda crappy right? Half of its probably down to constantly being told this will be the 'summer of my life' and frankly I am feeling rather underequipt and underprepared for it, with everyone leaving for Leeds or whatever colourful festival they have planned and all this amazing stuff and my plans just seem rather inadequate for a holiday with such a weighted title. I am sure I can't be the only one feeling like this and even if I am i know its silly so I sat and i had a think about what i could actually do, at home, to improve my outlook on the 'summer of my life'.
Firstly with the help of my wonderful friend Monique who's instagram is amazing in so many ways so give her a follow here or @bermusia if you can't get on the link. She has such a fabulous talent for photography and has agreed to help me with pictures for this blog, so hopefully it will improve it and you guys may enjoy it more. This means that I will be able to post new outfit ideas etc. which seem to attract a lot of attention via my Instagram so this will hopefully help! She also suggested a wonderful idea of travelling to different places for the 'shoots' which got me thinking of what else i wanted to do with my summer.
The only problem really, is that you come up with all these wonderful ideas and none of it really happens right? I want to travel this summer, not abroad as I am unfortunately not in possesion of a bottomless pit of money, however just travel around. I am a lover of public transport which is probably a blessing as lots of people despise it, it supplies me with the ability to escape my normality and experience the new and gives me that freedom and independence i am sure to crave after slaving away over my GCSEs. I also need to get a summer job if i am to finance all this public transport so that's at the top of my list, job hunting Hayleigh activate.
I would also love to meet new people over summer, I've had 5 or 6 people suggesting the idea of a 'meet up' which blew my mind so thank you to those people that was very humbling, i'd love to meet more of you and over summer i will be a regular visitor to Manchester i am certain so if you wanna meet for a coffee then that would be lovely - there is a contact email in my Instagram bio on my page which can be found here. Or just anything really I know it would be lovely to meet some of you over summer.
So yeah, this summer I am setting myself the challenge of saying yes more. Last minute plans can be the best thing and i can see that they will be my life boat when it comes to entertaining myself this summer. Hopefully this summer will also be a time for me to catch up with old friends, meet new friends and catch up with myself spending time with people who make me happy. Sorry that this was a bit of a ramble but basically I will be doing my best over summer to improve this blog and see if it takes me anywhere, anyone who knows me well knows I love fashion and hey who knows! I enjoy doing it and there will always be people who try and put you down and they may even be people you know and thought better of but hey, do what makes you happy. I'm pretty sure this will make me happy.
So to all you lot doing exams, we can do it guys stick in there.
Hayleigh x


  1. Loved this blog post! I think it would be so fun to meet up! I am in desperate need of meeting new people, unfortunately all of my supposed *ahem* friends... are showing their true colours and they are not the pretty ones I must say!
    Unfortunately, it seems that we live at opposite ends of England! I live south of London, probably just a bit closer towards Brighton, but if you ever want to meet up, I would love to :)
    I've been following you on instagram for a while now, so, in the least stalkery way possible, I know quite a bit about you haha, and you seem like a fun and friendly person!


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