Sunday, 30 March 2014


I haven't posted in what seems like years and I can't apologise enough! Piece have decided that throughout the summer I will be trying to post more, with better quality photos etc thanks to my wonderful friend who is willing to come and take some photos of me! I thought that I would use this post to pot up some of my recent outfits and tell you about the goings on in my life recently, so if you're interested in all that, then by all means carry on. 
First, to the outfits,
I've had a couple of fabulous charity shop buys recently such as this huge jumper which I can't seem to go without at the moment, hands down best charity buy ever. Can't say no to a good ol' oversized jumper for £3 can you? Paired with my Zara jeans (£15.99) and my infamous office Chelsea boots (£70) it's one of my favourite relaxed looks. Can't go wrong. 

Another recent Zara steal is this black sheer blouse I picked up in the sale for £9.99, can't get any better than that! Paired with my boots again, and my ripped h&m jeans (£15) it's a nice dark look. For those who haven't gathered from here or my Instagram (@hayleighjm) I am partial to a black outfit... 

This photo is my fave, it looks absolutely nothing like me and it's fab. I wore this for my mums 59th birthday when we went out for lunch and I felt so cute in it. The shorts are Topshop (£10) and the shoes are Zara which I got for £5 and they are hands down one of the best steals I've ever got my hands on in the Zara sale. Underneath I've just got one of my old ballet leotards and it's super easy to get your hands on a simple leotard, I suggest a look on for one. 

And finally my outfit from today! By today I mean the day I wrote this but you get the point. Everywhere on the fashion scene seems to have gone crazy for the 'sports luxe' look so I thought I'd give it a try, I have been sceptical of this as the whole Air Max look really doesn't appeal to me, and that's not a comment upon those who do as I'm sure you work them just fine, it's just not up my style street. I love casual and comfy looks which do have a fashionable edge, and I really felt good wearing this today, albeit the cliche Nike Rosche Runs, but they are a damn gorgeous pair of shoes so why not? I have to say its refreshing wearing such comfortable footwear to walk around in, new level of style and comfort. Going to be trying it out for summer more me thinks!

Update on my life at the moment if you're interested! Since my last post I've been to Iceland, gained weight, lost weight, stressed about exams, ended and era and have been happy and sad. Iceland was great, any holiday I get to spend with Fiona is always amazing, she's my true soulmate and yeah I super enjoy her company (hi fiona ily). Trying to get fit for summer and Turkey with Niki so that'll be a bore but hey. GCSE's coming up is terrifying and frankly I'd much rather curl up in a ball and hibernate through my responsibilies but hey that's not going to happen really is it? Ah well, all us 16 year old pulling through together eh. Can't wait for it to be over though, prom with the bestie and a possible inter railing adventure is more than enough to get me through it all. 
Next a highly asked about thing recently, me and Matt recently split up due to something I found out ad you may be able to infer, but it just wasn't going to work any longer, I wish to cause him no hate as the time I spent with him was lovely and the memories I have I will of course never forget. However being able to move on and meet new people has put a new refreshing outlook on my life and I'm very happy at the moment. 
And lastly on a lighter note! I am super looking forward to posting more on here as writing about lifestyle and fashion etc is emotionally satisfying for me. I wrote a fashion article for my English AS which I'm taking a year early and I really enjoyed it so I can't wait to get writing more. I have a few things I will be reviewing soon and I can't wait to get this up and running again. As always your constructive criticism and ideas for new posts are muchly appriciated! 
Hayleigh x


  1. love your style so much! and your body is like perfect haha i'm really unhappy with my legs, i try to motivate myself but never quite manage haha what do you do to keep your legs in shape and how do you motivate yourself?
    you should definetly continue posting x

  2. Your style and figure is just perfect. I'm glad you're ok and everything and I'm sure you'll do fab in your GCSE's! I'm so excited to keep reading your posts!

  3. Good picks ,you have good taste

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