Thursday, 2 January 2014

Make up!

Lots of you have been requesting a make up blog post! So here you go I thought I would make one! 

First I'll show you the things I use for my skin;

These are the basics I use;
 1) Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation

You can purchase this online easily, I highly recomend this foundation. I started using it 3 years ago when it was my mums wedding and we went into Selfriges to get make up for the wedding. When I purchased it I also bought the Bobbi Brown Primer as well, which adds a dewy look to your skin when you use it and I only really use this when I want my make up to look professional. However normally I just apply it normally to my face using a simple foundation brush I bought from Bodycare for £3 or something like that! I highly reccomend this foundation because I've been using it for so long and it's been perfect for me, you can have a shine or you can easily matte it by patting with your hands or using a make up brush to smooth over. 

2) Chanel Powder Blush and H&M Bronzer

Firstly, the Chanel blush is amazing, it's not too pigmented and gives a super rosy look. I've been using the blusher a lot more recently after dying my hair because darker hair colours tend to make you look paler! I never used to have a decent blusher as good blushers are hard to find cheap so I decided to buy myself a Chanel one, I don't regret it at all, the one I have is shade 82 'Reflex'. I highly reccomend one of these blushers they come in so many different shades aswell. Secondly, the Bronzer. Bronzers are a lot easier to find cheap and also be good quality. I used to use Calvin Klein and don't get me wrong it was fab but this blush was £6 or something silly like that! It's shade 'Dark Tan' and it works so well, it blends well and doesn't make you look orange! 
The brushes I use are;

3) Rimmel London Stay Matte Concealer Stick

This concealer stick is amazing. I've always had trouble finding a decent concealer as most of them are awful to be honest and the good ones are usually very expensive. I found this in Poundland! It's amazing, the green down the middle makes the make up matte around the area you're concealing therefore avoiding light catching the area you are trying to hide, it works so well I really do reccomend this. 

4) MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit 

It took me ages to actually find this in Superdrug because it kept selling out so fast! It's £4 which I think is such a bargain. It comes with a little pair of tweasers and an applicator brush. Inside is wax, and three different shades of powder to use on your brows. I tend to draw the bottom line main shape of my brow with an eyebrow pencil, also MUA shade Brunette. And then go over my bros with the darkest shade; 

I don't use the brush that came with is or the wax to be honest but the wax is great if you are wanting to change the shape of your brows as it allows the powder to stick better. I use an eyeshadow brush, one of the precise applicator ones as I find it works better. 

My top tips for doing you basic skin make up;
1) Please please please make sure you blend your foundation into your neck! There is nothing worse than a 'slag line' horrible word for it but hey, it doesn't look good ladies!!
2) Do not overdo the blusher or Bronzer you don't really want it to look like you've got too much make up on, if you know you'll be in dim light I suggest putting your make up on heavier as it will appear better in the dark light. 
3) Highlight the underneath of your brows with either concealer or a light eyeshadow. This will make your brows stand out more and appear more shaped. 
4) To contour your face, apply blusher to the top of your cheekbones, use highlighter on the areas of your cheeks that get sucked in when you try and look like a fish (I couldn't think of a better way of describing it!) to make your cheekbones more defined. And then go round the edge of your face with Bronzer. 

Now onto the eyes!
I tend to go for either very simplistic eyes, heavy eyeliner or dark eyeshadow. Then when I'm making a huge effort I use colour and shading and it takes me ages! But these are the make up items I uses on a regular basis;

1) NYX Smokey Eye Look Collection
This is the box shown above, my mum bought it me as a present when she came back off holiday about 6 months ago, I adore it. It not only has eyeshadow but it also has lipgloss and contouring elements in it. All of the colours inside are usefull to me as I tend to go for smokey look eyes if I use eyeshadow. 

2) Seventeen Lacquer Liner - Wet Look Finish 

I use eyeliner a lot and it's taken me so long to find an eyeliner I love and is so easy to apply. Hands down the best eyeliner I have ever used, it's £3.99 which is insane so I highly reccomend this. I tend to go for cat eyes or heavy liner. And every now and again I go for a more patterned look. Many people want to do eyeliner but feel that they are unable to do it well, honestly it took me so long to be able to do it well. So just keep trying is my advise! 

This is the type of eyeliner I tend to use a lot as I just love the way it looks! Try out different styles because a lot of the time, the eye make up you wear can really make your outfit. 

3) Eyeshadow Dust 

I apply this to my eyes regardless of what look I'm going for, it makes my eyelids sparkly so they will shimmer slightly in the light, I really like this look! I'm not sure where I got this from but it's very easy to find eyeshadow or eyeshadow dust in most make up shops!

4) Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara 

This is the best mascara I've used, it really fans out and elongates my lashes without them looking over the top. It almost makes it look like I've had lash extensions without the hassle! It's clump free most of the time and from what I can remember it's £7 which is very good for the quality of the product. 

Top tips for doing your eyes;
1) When applying mascara, place the brush in the corner of your eye and between the top and bottom lashes and blink, it makes your lashes look so much better. 
2) If you're using more than one colour of eyeshadow or shade, make sure that you blend them together to make it look professional. 
3) Don't overdo it! If you want statement eyes just don't go over the top and make yourself look like the comedic role in a panto! 
4) Curl your lashes ladies! I cannot stress enough how goo eyelash curlers are, they may look daunting but honestly they aren't as scary as they seem and they make your lashes look 152936393x better! 

I either go for nothing, gloss, or statement lipstick. The ones I tend to use are;

1) Chanel Rouge Coco Baume 

This was the only item on my Christmas list this year as id seen it in shops a few times and thought it would be perfect as I couldn't justify an investment in a Chanel lipstick as I wouldn't wear it enough. So this was what I asked for, it's the Hydrating Lip Balm, it makes my lips soft and shiny and it's great for when I dot want anything too drastic on my lips but I don't want them bare!

2) MAC lipstick in shade 'Dramatic Encounter' 

This lipstick is so amazing, it's very dark but I do like dark lipsticks. It's my new statement lipstick for when I want to go light on my eyes and dark on my lips. I highly recommend this lipstick, it's very pigmented and easy to apply. The colour doesn't stain too much either which is always a bonus for me. It goes with my dark and light clothing effortlessly which I love. 

3) Givenchy Smoothing Gloss Balm 

This is in shade 'Crystal Shine' and I love it. It's almost multicoloured in the sparkles but it comes out so amazingly shiny and I highly reccomend this type of lipgloss, I got Fiona one for christmas in a deep red and that one looked amazing aswell so I think Givenchy are a good make to get nice lipglosses from! I use this as a simplistic lip look but not bare. 

4) Estée Lauder Lipstick 

This is my favourite red lipstick I own, because it's a deep red almost a wine colour so it's not too bright for me. It's in shade Rococo Rose and as you can see I've used it a hell of a lot! I love red lipstick it's a great statement colour that isn't too out there and bold and c'mon red lips are sexy as hell. 

Top tips for lips;
1) If you're not confident with applying lipstick well and accurately, use a lip brush it's so much better and easier to apply. Especially if the colour you're applying is statement and bold! 
2) Try and make sure that the colour matches your skin tone and does not wash you out. 
3) Lipsticks tend to be matte so if you want a shine, apply lipstick over the top. If you've got very pigmented lipstick on I recommend putting the lipgloss on your finger and then applying so you don't stain the brush.

I hope this helped some of you! 
Much love,
Hayleigh x



  1. Love all of this! your makeup brushes look so nice !

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