Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kylie Jenner inspired outfits!

As Kylie Jenner is one of my huge girl crushes and celebrity style inspirations I thought I'd see how I could re create some of her looks with my items in my wardrobe! I love her style it's so simplistic and she wears the same colours as me, black! I would kill for her wardrobe, Louboutins, Alexander Wang, Versace, everything I've ever wanted... But anyway! Here are the looks I attempted (and failed in some cases) to re create! Comparing myself next to Kylie Jenner was not a good idea! 

1) This was a look she wore recently out for lunch and I immediately loved the split skirt, I have a thing for skirts with thigh splits especially longer ones so this look was a winner from the start. I remembered when I saw this that I have a similar skirt, you don't have to wear a pink one if you're wanting to re create this look, I just happened to have a similar one! The one which Kylie is wearing here is from Asos, mine was from a charity shop. I paired it with a plain tee which I got from the men's section of Primark and my Office boots. I tried this with an oversized blazer coat to add layers and it looked fab, so this is a look you can pull off in the cold as well! I didn't wear my floppy hat because my curly columnists hair doesn't suit hats very well! And the sunglasses felt a little too optimistic for British weather.

2) This outfit is definitely a summer one, Kylie pulls this outfit off perfectly ugh look at those legs. Damn. Her shorts are from American Apparel and mine are from Primark, my top is just an M&S basic which I tied at the side to crop and the boots are worn as before. When the weather is nice I think this is a nice way of adding summery colour into an outfit with a pair of statement shorts or skirt. 

3) I think I did a decent job of re creating this one! I personally love this outfit, the whole layed back yet stylish feel of it is lovely. My denim jacket is thrifted (£1!!!) and my skirt is Topshop, boots are Office as before and my Jumper is Gap. I think this is going to be a winter look for me this year, layering it with a pair of tights, thick cardigan and jacket with a scarf and possibly a beanie hat if I want a relaxed look, I think it'll be a winner. 

4) Again, quite proud of this one! This outfit is a good idea for a Christmas outfit which is the reason I decided to re create this one, the gold is a festive colour and I think this sort of look is perfect for a Christmas meal or family lunch. You can dress it up with heels like Kylie and I or you can dress it down with some ballet flats. My top is thrifted, my skirt is from Topshop which is a size 10 and doesn't fit me properly crys, and my beautiful beautiful heels are from Zara. 

5) This is my favourite look, probably because black is the main colour! But I just think that black always looks fabulous and effortlessly fashionable. Kylie looks amazing here and I envy her skirt and jacket so much I can't even begin to tell you, the scrunched effect on her skirt is amazing. I tried and failed really to re create this with my River Island oversized blazer coat, Bershka leather look bodycon skirt, plain black t shirt, boots as before and a chainmail necklace. This is also going to be in my winter outfit repertoire with a pair of tights and a warm scarf I'll be all set! Shoulder bad or hand held would add a fashionable edge to this outfit! 

Thank you for reason this I hope you enjoyed this kind of blog post! Give me your feedback! Let me know if there are any celebrities you want me to do style inspiration posts from and I will see what I can do! 
Much love, 
Hayleigh x


  1. I adore the gold outfit! Fab post :) x

  2. omg! I love the outfits you've recreated! they are perfect! :)

  3. Can you do a blogpost purely on winter outfits? Like what goes well together and stuff! Thanks so much xxx

  4. Love it! kylie is deff one of my fashion icons to

  5. love this post xx

  6. Love these sorts of post! Please can you do more like these on celebrities inspiration like Taylor monsen/rihanna/oslen sisters

  7. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award for your blog because it is so amazing, head on over to my blog to check out the rules, thank you xxx

  8. Love this post, the first outfit looks great

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