Saturday, 16 November 2013

Why I love TK Maxx

If someone asked me which my favourite shop was, I'd without a doubt say TK Maxx, granted there are some gorgeous shops I love on the high street too, such as Topshop ect but I don't think that the value for money you're getting in a shop like that is good enough. The number of pieces of clothes that I have from TK Maxx is way too many than I really need. But the clothing in TK is of such better quality and value for money than anywhere else I know. I've found some fabulous bargains in there. Today I found; 

A Reiss tailored blazer, it's such a beautiful piece of clothing. It was supposed to be £225 but I got it for £25 in the clearance sale! Safe to say I'm a very happy bunny! 

First I styled it with the other new items I bought, a pair of properly high waisted black jeans and a light brown top with a sort of see through back to it. I added heals to dress it up, but I'd probably wear this with my Chelsea boots (as pictured below) or just my army boots to give it a more casual feel. Then to warm it, layer a scarf or a coat over the top. 

This is just a more casual look I came up with to wear with the blazer. Sorry about the quality of the photos I am trying to come up with a good way of taking photographs of my outfits. 

This is a more dressy outfit, I love how versatile this blazer is it's already one of my favourite jackets. 

This is the dress I got today, it's so gorgeous, it's the dress I'm probably going to wear for christmas. It's a £170 dress and I got it for £19 I'm so so so happy with this. 

I'm so happy at how this looks, I can't wait to wear it! The other items I have found in TK Maxx is a Diesel shirt dress and a Micheal Kors dress which I got for £29 (pictured below) which I wore out for a meal with Matt. 

So, I cannot recommend enough that you go to TK Maxx and route through everything and find some AMAZING bargains. 

Much love,
Hayleigh x

Ps// how amazing is this candle I got from TK Maxx too for my room, only £5 I AM SO IN LOVE. 




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