Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Tartan seems to be one of this Autumn/Winters main trends this year, however I have not completely followed suit with the only exception being my oversize GAP shirt I thrifted from a second hand shop for £3 (cannot stress the greatness of charity and second hand shops enough guys) which I tend to wear with most things if I want to create a super casual look but still keep that fashionable style to it as well.
Tartan, from how I see people wearing it, is one of those extremely versatile trends in a sense that you can wear it in pretty much any way you want. You can wear it through an item of clothing, accessory or through pretty much any way you so wish to. You can dress it up as shown below;

Or you can dress it down; 

I personally prefer the more causal looks with tartan, because it's a subtle element which can totally change the feel of an outfit. There are just so many different ways that you can choose to wear it. As a skirt with an oversized cropped jumper, or a tartan shirt over a skirt or some skinny jeans. For anyone scared to go full out into the tartan trend, anyone who is weary when trying out a new trend can simply ease into the trend using accessories. For example, a tartan hair accessory, handbag or scarf. Or anything else that you feel would add to your outfit. Simple elements make an outfit. 

These tartan accessories could easily be added to a very simple outfit for a hassle free trendy outfit. It would not have to be a complicated layered fashion outfit to look good, you could add a scarf like this over just a plain and simple leggings, top and blazer or anything you so wished to and it would still look fabulous. 
I am in love with the Givenchy clutch pictured above, I think that a clutch bag is such a fashionable item within itself, especially an oversized clutch. And to have it in tartan would add to any outfit. It would easily add a pop of colour aswell in a subtle way to a darker outfit. Paired with either a dress, or midi flare skirt and crop with strappy heels for a more dressy choice would look amazing. 

What I also love about tartan is that it really doesn't have to be garish and in your face. You can use subtle hints of tartan as pictured below, or you can add small essences of the style. This is probably my way of pulling off this trend as the pattern of tartan is not my favourite however, if worn well it can look brilliant. There is a side of the tartan that I prefer, and that is the more subtle side, not only through the boldness of the pattern but the colours in the pattern as well. Tartan is not just black and red it can be all manors of different colours. 

All of the above outfits are my favourite ways of wearing this tartan trend this winter, I'm on the look out for a nice tartan bag, scarf and coat like the one above to add a dash of colour to my staple winter wardrobe. 

I hope you enjoyed this! Please comment if you have any trends you want me to do a blog post on! Or comment on my Instagram: @hayleighjm.
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