Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kylie Jenner inspired outfits!

As Kylie Jenner is one of my huge girl crushes and celebrity style inspirations I thought I'd see how I could re create some of her looks with my items in my wardrobe! I love her style it's so simplistic and she wears the same colours as me, black! I would kill for her wardrobe, Louboutins, Alexander Wang, Versace, everything I've ever wanted... But anyway! Here are the looks I attempted (and failed in some cases) to re create! Comparing myself next to Kylie Jenner was not a good idea! 

1) This was a look she wore recently out for lunch and I immediately loved the split skirt, I have a thing for skirts with thigh splits especially longer ones so this look was a winner from the start. I remembered when I saw this that I have a similar skirt, you don't have to wear a pink one if you're wanting to re create this look, I just happened to have a similar one! The one which Kylie is wearing here is from Asos, mine was from a charity shop. I paired it with a plain tee which I got from the men's section of Primark and my Office boots. I tried this with an oversized blazer coat to add layers and it looked fab, so this is a look you can pull off in the cold as well! I didn't wear my floppy hat because my curly columnists hair doesn't suit hats very well! And the sunglasses felt a little too optimistic for British weather.

2) This outfit is definitely a summer one, Kylie pulls this outfit off perfectly ugh look at those legs. Damn. Her shorts are from American Apparel and mine are from Primark, my top is just an M&S basic which I tied at the side to crop and the boots are worn as before. When the weather is nice I think this is a nice way of adding summery colour into an outfit with a pair of statement shorts or skirt. 

3) I think I did a decent job of re creating this one! I personally love this outfit, the whole layed back yet stylish feel of it is lovely. My denim jacket is thrifted (£1!!!) and my skirt is Topshop, boots are Office as before and my Jumper is Gap. I think this is going to be a winter look for me this year, layering it with a pair of tights, thick cardigan and jacket with a scarf and possibly a beanie hat if I want a relaxed look, I think it'll be a winner. 

4) Again, quite proud of this one! This outfit is a good idea for a Christmas outfit which is the reason I decided to re create this one, the gold is a festive colour and I think this sort of look is perfect for a Christmas meal or family lunch. You can dress it up with heels like Kylie and I or you can dress it down with some ballet flats. My top is thrifted, my skirt is from Topshop which is a size 10 and doesn't fit me properly crys, and my beautiful beautiful heels are from Zara. 

5) This is my favourite look, probably because black is the main colour! But I just think that black always looks fabulous and effortlessly fashionable. Kylie looks amazing here and I envy her skirt and jacket so much I can't even begin to tell you, the scrunched effect on her skirt is amazing. I tried and failed really to re create this with my River Island oversized blazer coat, Bershka leather look bodycon skirt, plain black t shirt, boots as before and a chainmail necklace. This is also going to be in my winter outfit repertoire with a pair of tights and a warm scarf I'll be all set! Shoulder bad or hand held would add a fashionable edge to this outfit! 

Thank you for reason this I hope you enjoyed this kind of blog post! Give me your feedback! Let me know if there are any celebrities you want me to do style inspiration posts from and I will see what I can do! 
Much love, 
Hayleigh x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Chelsea Elizabeth Jewellery

A couple of days ago I recieved a wonderful package in the post of some beautiful items which Chelsea Elizabeth Jewellery had sent me. They came in such a cute little dainty bag with a hand written note which didn't fail to make me smile. 

When I opened it I was so so happy with that she'd been kind enough to send me!
The items I recieved are so beautiful and I can't wait to start wearing them!

The first items I saw were these beautiful midi rings! Not only was I lucky enough to receive one, but she sent me three! I've wanted some dainty midi rings for so long and I was over the moon when i found that she'd sent me some! 

She sent me this cute little necklace which I love, I love adding jewellery to any outfit but sometimes you need something a little bit more subtle to finish it off, also because it's so dainty I can wear it with anything I want to! 

Finally I recieved this, this is my favourite thing out of everything that she sent me, because she'd put so much thought into it. She had engraved 'M&H' on there for me and Matt, and I couldn't get over how nice a thought that was, so thank you! I could not be happier with what she's sent! 

Please everyone go check out what she has on sale, every single piece that she's got is perfect. I highly recommend buying from her, the service is amazing as well, my items came so so fast!

Much love, 
Hayleigh x


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Why I love TK Maxx

If someone asked me which my favourite shop was, I'd without a doubt say TK Maxx, granted there are some gorgeous shops I love on the high street too, such as Topshop ect but I don't think that the value for money you're getting in a shop like that is good enough. The number of pieces of clothes that I have from TK Maxx is way too many than I really need. But the clothing in TK is of such better quality and value for money than anywhere else I know. I've found some fabulous bargains in there. Today I found; 

A Reiss tailored blazer, it's such a beautiful piece of clothing. It was supposed to be £225 but I got it for £25 in the clearance sale! Safe to say I'm a very happy bunny! 

First I styled it with the other new items I bought, a pair of properly high waisted black jeans and a light brown top with a sort of see through back to it. I added heals to dress it up, but I'd probably wear this with my Chelsea boots (as pictured below) or just my army boots to give it a more casual feel. Then to warm it, layer a scarf or a coat over the top. 

This is just a more casual look I came up with to wear with the blazer. Sorry about the quality of the photos I am trying to come up with a good way of taking photographs of my outfits. 

This is a more dressy outfit, I love how versatile this blazer is it's already one of my favourite jackets. 

This is the dress I got today, it's so gorgeous, it's the dress I'm probably going to wear for christmas. It's a £170 dress and I got it for £19 I'm so so so happy with this. 

I'm so happy at how this looks, I can't wait to wear it! The other items I have found in TK Maxx is a Diesel shirt dress and a Micheal Kors dress which I got for £29 (pictured below) which I wore out for a meal with Matt. 

So, I cannot recommend enough that you go to TK Maxx and route through everything and find some AMAZING bargains. 

Much love,
Hayleigh x

Ps// how amazing is this candle I got from TK Maxx too for my room, only £5 I AM SO IN LOVE. 



Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Have confidence in who you want to be.

I've noticed, as one of life's 'observers', where I sit and watch the world go by when I visit places, whether it be town or another country even that I always admire those who stand out in a crowd, those who dare to show what they really want to look like and who they are. I was thinking and I realised that being able to bring yourself to wear those tight jeans, or go for that stand out look is mainly a mind over matter affair, and actually a pretty hard thing to bring yourself to do. I used to feel trapped by social conventions with what I felt I should and had to wear. Trends within the social groups come and go but they tend to come and go in a way by where everybody wears it at once, it becomes laborious and then is discarded to another oncoming storm if unison. 

Looking back at myself two or three years ago I have to admit I was one of those people, I felt that I needed to dress in a certain way to feel accepted, listen to a certain kind of music to be regarded as 'cool' but the truth in it all is, when you see that person walking down the high street that stands out in the crowd, and turns all those heads you secretly envy them, or at least I do. It was after a school trip to New York, where me and my '5eva bestie' Fiona realised how open the world of originality and fashion actually was, with each of us deciding out outfits before the month of the trip even arrived. New York made me discover how I really wanted to be as a person from the outside, the aesthetics that I wanted everybody else to see. Both Fiona and I looks fabulous on the trip, I will not lie to you, forever borrowing each others clothes and me waking up every morning to do not only my eyeliner, but everyone else's within my room... 

I'm not sure if anyone who has had the immense pleasure of visiting New York has felt the same, but I felt a massive sense of individuality, maybe that explains it's 'Fashion Capital' status throughout the world. Everyone had something different about them, much like everyone, but here there was almost no fear of showing this individual flair. Walking around Central Park I'd never felt so comfortable within myself, wearing in a pair of vintage high waisted shorts, a decadent oversized shirt covered in lobsters and chips, my fathers old vintage denim shirt, creepers borrowed off Fiona and sporting my infamous 'Lennon' glasses as my dad insists on calling them. Fiona, in denim shorts, studded creepers, a borrowed shirt and braces, looking fabulous I may add, her and I wandered through New York feeling proud of ourselves.

Because after all, even if we won't admit it, the biggest fear in most peoples minds is how other people see you and perceive you. I've been reminded many a time by Matt how silly it is that I worry over other peoples opinions of me, but the fact of the matter is that I'm definitely not as bad as I used to be. I have confidence within myself to wear what I want to, and express how I feel through my clothing and the music I listen to, maybe that explains the utter dominance of darkness within my ever expanding wardrobe. I remember seeing people in an outfit and thinking gosh I wish I had the courage to look like that, after New York, I think I did. I started to instead of spending my spare time being a couch potato I willingly opted to spend this time going through my wardrobe and coming up with outfits. In the beginning it started only as imagining myself within these outfits, but I started to mix up my style on holidays and outings to places where the likelihood of me bumping into someone I knew was seldom. However after a while I realised that the way it made me feel, was myself really, I have no other way if explaining it. Now, when planning those outfits in my spare time, I put more effort and creativity into them. And instead of tidying them back away into my wardrobe, I keep them out as tomorrow's outfit. When I see inspiration, instead of admiring fashion, I create my own fashion. 

Allowing yourself to dress how you want and be who you want, listen to who you wants and choose how you want to live your life is so important I can't even begin to stress. Music inspired much of my fashion, I tend to be the more heavier side to the rock genre along with Fiona as well, we have opted for the darker shades of colour. Going to the concerts of the bands I loved, I found I could express myself through what I wore, even though the clothing options are limited when jumping in a sea of tightly packed bodies, I felt I could wear darker clothes and darker make up and be around people who would not look twice or shoot a judgemental glance. Not to say now, when I'm walking down my local high street in all black with a lipstick named 'Blackberry' I don't get some glances and looks, but I don't really care anymore. I remember when I first started to wear what I wanted and take inspiration from catwalks and fashion icons themselves, I once wore something which to me now would seem normal but the me who was not used to being so adventurous felt so out of place, I physically went and bought a different item of clothing just to blend in. Blending in at times is more than good, but walking down the street kicking ass in the style department shouldn't be given a miss either.

I am aware that most of this is just me rambling on and I'm not entirely sure whether this will have helped any of you feel more confident at all. But honestly, be yourself. The amount of times you've heard that will probably be too many to count, and I can honestly say I am sorry to add to that but I cannot stress it enough. Do not bow down to the social pressure to fit in with everyone else, if you want to wear that eye catching coat, do it. If you want to die your hair that awesome colour that you've been yearning to do for months, do it. If you want to make a statement, do it. But make sure you do it in your own way, instead of feeling exposed to the world, see it as the world seeing you properly for the first time. Feel confident in yourself, because people can spot a person with confidence, and make that person you. I love fashion, I think I got it from my mum, and my dad ironically enough, with half of my wardrobe consisting of his old clothes and vintage Ray Bans. But not forgetting my best friend Fiona, without her I don't think I'd be able to be myself as much as I am, with a ridiculous amount of common interest she is the person I can relate to the most, so if she reads this, love ya kiddo. But honestly, be yourself. Don't be afraid to express yourself through fashion or in anyway you want to. 

Much love, 
Hayleigh x

Forever in your debt Fi, you've helped me become who I am x 



Tartan seems to be one of this Autumn/Winters main trends this year, however I have not completely followed suit with the only exception being my oversize GAP shirt I thrifted from a second hand shop for £3 (cannot stress the greatness of charity and second hand shops enough guys) which I tend to wear with most things if I want to create a super casual look but still keep that fashionable style to it as well.
Tartan, from how I see people wearing it, is one of those extremely versatile trends in a sense that you can wear it in pretty much any way you want. You can wear it through an item of clothing, accessory or through pretty much any way you so wish to. You can dress it up as shown below;

Or you can dress it down; 

I personally prefer the more causal looks with tartan, because it's a subtle element which can totally change the feel of an outfit. There are just so many different ways that you can choose to wear it. As a skirt with an oversized cropped jumper, or a tartan shirt over a skirt or some skinny jeans. For anyone scared to go full out into the tartan trend, anyone who is weary when trying out a new trend can simply ease into the trend using accessories. For example, a tartan hair accessory, handbag or scarf. Or anything else that you feel would add to your outfit. Simple elements make an outfit. 

These tartan accessories could easily be added to a very simple outfit for a hassle free trendy outfit. It would not have to be a complicated layered fashion outfit to look good, you could add a scarf like this over just a plain and simple leggings, top and blazer or anything you so wished to and it would still look fabulous. 
I am in love with the Givenchy clutch pictured above, I think that a clutch bag is such a fashionable item within itself, especially an oversized clutch. And to have it in tartan would add to any outfit. It would easily add a pop of colour aswell in a subtle way to a darker outfit. Paired with either a dress, or midi flare skirt and crop with strappy heels for a more dressy choice would look amazing. 

What I also love about tartan is that it really doesn't have to be garish and in your face. You can use subtle hints of tartan as pictured below, or you can add small essences of the style. This is probably my way of pulling off this trend as the pattern of tartan is not my favourite however, if worn well it can look brilliant. There is a side of the tartan that I prefer, and that is the more subtle side, not only through the boldness of the pattern but the colours in the pattern as well. Tartan is not just black and red it can be all manors of different colours. 

All of the above outfits are my favourite ways of wearing this tartan trend this winter, I'm on the look out for a nice tartan bag, scarf and coat like the one above to add a dash of colour to my staple winter wardrobe. 

I hope you enjoyed this! Please comment if you have any trends you want me to do a blog post on! Or comment on my Instagram: @hayleighjm.
I do not own any of the photos and no copyright breaches were intended.

Much love,
Hayleigh x


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Autumn/Winter inspiration

As my first post I thought that I'd share my Autumn/Winter inspiration with you all.
Monochrome is probably my favourite style ever, with shades of gray mixed in ect. I think it's the best winter look (even though I tend to carry it on throughout the year!) I think that all black or black and white is a wonderful way of styling anything this winter. I have a habit of not wearing colour all the time or rarely but i just love how classy, simple and fashionable black can be. Even though I love wearing all black,adding in colourful accessories I think it's a very easy way to come up with a very stylish look, the pop of colour draws the eye and turns heads, always a good thing! Also black is an extremely flattering colour so I can't complain! 

I always used to find that keeping warm, yet fashionable was the hardest part of coming up with my winter wardrobe. Half of me wanted to be walking around in oversized jumpers and my tracksuit bottoms, and don't get me wrong there is nothing bad about that! But the other half of me wanted to stay fashionable though the cold months. I have an absolute love for fashion so I was determined to create looks I loved. 
Layering is the best tip I can possibly give you for Winter, I always used to think that layer on layer of different clothes would look stupid but once you take into account the length of the clothing and the colours you can really come up with something fabulous and warm! 
A* to these lovely ladies above 
pulling off the layering perfectly! The most simplistic outfit idea that I can think of for everyday is, a pair of black skinny jeans, a pair of boots (I preferably would wear chunky Chelsea boots), if you'll be outside then a vest of t shirt covered by a oversized grey knit, and covered by a boyfriend blazer. Accessories wise I would pair this with possibly an oversized clutch or a structured handbag, a simple watch and then a big warm scarf (can't beat a good warm scarf in the cold!). For those wanting extra style i'd add a hat, perhaps an oversized floppy one would look fabulous. 

I recently purchased a midi skirt (pictured above) from River Island for £15 which I was very happy with because I've been searching for one for ages. I think this is going to be a fab addition to my winter wardrobe because as it's longer it is easier to stay warm. I highly recommend finding one of these because it's a highly versatile piece of clothing and can be worn in so many ways. The way I wore it is a more dressy way, as I was going out for lunch with mum and perhaps would not be the best choice when braving the cold. In my outfit above, my cardigan is from Forever 21 (£18.99) my grey crop too was from Topshop (£5 sale) and I paired it with a pair of kitten heels I got from Zara (£12.99 sale) In the first picture, the outfit is styled perfectly and is a perfect base to layer on to make a warmer look. You could add a longer cardigan followed by an oversized coat or boyfriend blazer. A big bag and a cosy scarf and you'll have a winner. 
I find that adding accessories to any outfit is hard, I never know how many or how few to have. I wanted to help any of you finding this a problem by sharing you some of my accessory inspiration! 

These are some favourites and my inspiration for accessories to pretty much any outfit you want to wear during winter time. Large structured bags allow you to carry more, layers and gloves, scarves ect. But are also my personal favourite type of bag, the look is classy and modern, coming from the structure of the bag itself. There are two beautiful bags, one is Prada and the other is Micheal Kor's which are in my dream wardrobe, they are to die for! However in the real world, the dream house of Prada and D&G is a far reach from most of us, for a structured bag I highly recommend you have a look in Zara, my bag was £50 and is a wonderful size and shape.
Warm scarves explain themselves! They keep you warm and is think they look fab over any piece of clothing for that extra bit of warmth, throw one over anything and it'll add that stylish edge. On where to find one, I don't think there is anywhere specifically that I think I can recommend, you could blow out on a super lush one from Topshop perhaps or you could keep your eye out for a bargain! For bargains I recommend looking out for sales, going to places such a Primark or charity shopping. 
I have one pair of shoes which I am literally pairing with every outfit I can, those who follow me on Instagram (@hayleighjm) will probably know which they are! They are a pair of chunky Chelsea boots which I was bought as a present from Office, they were £70 and I can honestly say they were the best investment! I've worn them so many times I can't even begin to count. Much like the ones above (Jeffrey Campbell, ugh so beautiful) I love the whole grunge look, so these sort of shoes add the perfect grungy look to my outfits, I love love love boots! Given during winter there is awful weather in England, boots are my main footwear throughout this cold season, so investing in a decent pair of boots I highly recommend to you! 

Thank you for reading this! As my first proper blog post I am aware this may not be what you are all wanting or were expecting! Please leave comments with how you think this is, or any constructive criticisms on how I can improve would be massively approximated! Also comment on any trends that you want me to find inspiration for and style myself! 

I'd just like to add that I do not own any of these photographs unless I have stated they are my own, all were sourced from Tumblr and there are no copyright intents at all, if any of these photos are I fact yours feel free to get in contact with me and I will give you source credit. 

Thank you! 

Much love, 
Hayleigh x

First post, ooh how exciting...

Hey everyone, I thought id start this blog with some info of how I'm thinking of doing this. My first post is going to be just some fashion inspiration photos and comments ect. I'd quite like to have both posts of my own outfit and where to buy ect but also inspiration posts so hopefully it'll give you guys some inspiration too! I have a wonderful friend who is willing to take some outfit photos for me in Manchester at the German markets so I'm very very grateful to her! So yeah, we will see how this goes! 
Much love 
Hayleigh x
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