Sunday, 5 June 2016

Daily Essentials and Keeping on Track with Cluse Watches

Keeping on track is something I am really needing to do at the moment, for many at the moment and the past couple of months has bee exam season. I am currently in my final year of sixth form and am almost finished now after my upcoming exams ready for a gap year of full time blogging and I cannot wait to start creating better content for you all. I wanted to share with you what I am currently carrying around daily alongside a few of my ways to keep yourself on track, both mentally and physically. 

My absolutely essentials are always a purse, watch and sunglasses (us Britons are always optimistic). The purse I am using at the moment is this little Louis Vuitton one, this was my first ever designer piece that Joe bought for me a year or so ago, I always use it when I travel as it doesn't have any compartments meaning its easy for me to keep my money and my phone in one little pouch. After my recent visit to Brussels I haven't changed it over as of yet, and its really nice to rediscover items you haven't used for a while. I always throw a pair of sunglasses into my bag if its big enough, just incase on the off chance there is actually sun in England. These are just a super simple pair of RayBan aviators that easily go with anything I want to wear that day or might happen to have on. 
Having what you need is really important at stressful or busy times as it means you are not constantly worrying over whether you have everything with you, I am one of life's worriers so this is something I find really helps me when I am feeling a little overwhelmed. 
If you've got something you need to get done or a deadline to meet, just try and make sure you've got everything you need to try and make your life as easy as possible. 

As many of you may know, I am somewhat of a minimalist, and how I am with how I accessorise and my jewellery is no different. Silver is my hardware of choice, with subtle details for my everyday look. I wear my Tiffany necklace and bracelet from Joe everyday, alongside my diamond studs I got for my 18th birthday and my mothers engagement ring from my dad on my finger every single day. As a girl with a lot of staple everyday sentimental items, my watch is really the only accessory I have left to switch up daily. This gorgeous time piece from Cluse Watches is my current go-to. I love simple watches, surprise surprise... The plain white face of this watch with the contrasting black leather strap gives me the right level of sophistication and style combined. With soft leather, it makes it a really easy everyday wear as well. This watch comes in so many different style variations and colours so if you're a minimalist like me, or enjoy a pop of colour with your accessories, check out their website here and see what suits you. The link to my watch is here!

Keeping things simple is not only something I do with my style but when I am busy and getting stressed I try and simplify things in my head to allow myself to slow down and not overthink and let myself get worked up. If you begin to feel overwhelmed by things or feel you've been concentrating on, take a minute. Give yourself a moment to think about something simple and allow yourself to relax for a little while. I find reading a book or a crappy magazine helps, alongside watching some very simple daytime television, something everybody secretly loves to do. Allowing yourself some time to just not think about things that are bothering you. 

My on the go beauty essentials I fear may be a little boring. For me, its about lip care over lip colour! I recently picked up this Cristian Breton lip scrub from TK Maxx, I have been looking for a good lip scrub for absolutely ages (please do let me know any of your favourites I would really love to know your favourites!). I have always sworn by Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, for both my skin and my lips. I have eczema which sometimes can flare up quite badly, and I have struggled to find creams and lotions that help properly or allow me to moisturise the areas afterwards that don't irritate it and make it worse. I have found that my Eight Hour Cream is really good for very dry patches of skin, wherever they may be on your body. Its my go to for any skin issue!

Looking after yourself is something I really believe is absolutely vital to give you the best standing for keeping yourself in check, especially when you are in periods of your life that are super busy. Take time. Whether that be going and getting your nails done, going on a walk, or even just having a nap. Take time to regain your energy and have an element of normality back in your day through something you really enjoy. Taking your mind of things by doing what you enjoy just takes you out of the stress and gives you some time to breathe. 


H x


Monday, 9 May 2016

Ditch the Under eyes with Kiels - Debenhams Beauty

The past month or so I have really gotten into my skincare. It came about over a casual conversation between me and my friends about whether they had skincare regimes, and it dawned on me how atrocious mine was. I have been lucky enough to never really have bad breakouts, something which annoyingly is beginning to back track a little, so I have never had any real need to take great care of my skin. I sometimes didn't even take my make-up off before bed... (I know, I am so so so sorry...). However, these past four weeks have been a huge wake up call for me and it's incredible how much better my skin is for all of the effort I have been putting in every night. I will be doing a full skincare routine very soon, but I wanted to first off share one of my favourite products for improving your under eyes!

This new product I have been loving is Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with avocado from Debenhams Beauty - here. It has avocado oil in it, which makes it really lovely and cooling on the eyes, something I look for in any under eye or around eye product. I have very sensitive skin so for around my eyes especially I prefer products with more natural ingredients and little added extras for perfume etc. 

The consistency of the cream is on the thicker side, so it takes a little while to soak into your skin however I tend to put this on before I go to bed so this is preferable for me as it makes me feel like I am really giving my skin the hydration it deserves! I put this on as a final step to my night routine and then get straight into bed as it works its magic! A little goes quite a long way as well, so the little tub of product is justified for the number of uses you get out of it if you use it sparingly enough. This little beauty also comes in a larger size if you ended up loving it like me and eventually wanting to repurchase! 

The smaller size like this one is retailed at £20 and you get 14ml (but is currently on sale at Debenhams here! for £18), which is not awfully priced for something that is so simple to use but has such great effects on the appearance of your under eyes. Do let me know if you want me to do a before and after of a couple of weeks use on my twitter if this might be of interest! (make sure to follow me on twitter here). Dark under eyes have always bothered me and have frankly stopped me from being able to go more 'make up free' during the week, something I really wish I could do. I am really hoping that using this more frequently will allow me to feel more comfortable with my own skin, anyone else have this problem?

This little skincare gem was from Debenhams Beauty as I mentioned, and I have been browsing online at their skincare recently and I am definitely building up a hefty wishlist, especially when there are so many brands and products on one site, it's dangerous but absolutely great! Go and take a peek, I  dare you! (Go on... Click!). They also have a current promotion of £10 off when you spend £50 on Beauty and Fragrance, which is the perfect promotion to aid you starting up your own skincare regime if you were like me and are slacking a little on looking after your skin! Alongside the savings, if you sign up to Debenhams Beauty Club and gain three points for every pound which you can eventually redeem for money off other brands like M.A.C and Urban Decay when you've managed save up enough points! (even more of an excuse to treat yourself, so go on!).

Do let me know what you think of this post below and whether you'd like to see any more reviews up soon on the blog of any products I currently use!


H x
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