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Affordable Summer Getaways - June/July 2018

Okay, so here it is. This took me much more legwork than I thought it would. It was like booking 10 different holidays for myself! A lot of you were really wanting me to put this together so I powered through and here it is! I have handpicked some 'last minute' cheap getaways for you guys! I've picked 3 different locations and picked out a few different places to stay, prices etc its all there! Have a good look through, I really think you might find some amazing deals (psst especially with Madrid at the end of the post...).

Mallorca, Spain

Part of The Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a great option is you're looking for some heat. Average temperatures in June are around the high 20s then in July peeking over to low 30s. With stretches of very gorgeous beaches, areas of more nightlight and areas of less, areas of culture and areas to simply relax, you can't go wrong. With the added bonus of only just over 2 and a half hours flight time. 

This is where we have actually ended up booking. We spent ages looking for somewhere that wasn't going to be too expensive, and after seeing both the flights and accommodation were reasonable, we decided to go ahead. 

Flights to Palma de Mallorca;
4 nights in June (17th to 21st are there dates I am using);
Manchester - from £95 per person
London - from £77 per person
4 nights in July (also using 17th to 21st);
Manchester - from £80 per person
London - from £99 per person

Hotel Isla Mallorca & Spa 4*

My first Mallorca pick is Hotel Isla Mallorca & Spa and not just because it has 'spa' in the name and doesn't that just invite you in?? This is my top choice because it is the only one I found where the price jump from June to July is not crazy, meaning if you're looking for something a little less last minute and temperatures in the 30's this might be for you. As the name suggests there is a spa, 2 outdoor pools and breakfast available alongside lots of other things. Location wise its great, within walking distance (if you want) to many of central Palma's gorgeous attractions and the beach. 
For a 4 night stay in June this hotel is £485, making is £242.50 per person, and in June the jump is only another £5.50 per person at £496 for 4 nights in July. 
Click here to book! 

Innside Palma Center 4*

If you want to be in the absolute heart of Palma this one is for you. The city of Palma is gorgeous (take it from me I've been there), it has a gorgeous old town with cobbled streets and little shops and gorgeous secluded authentic Spanish restaurants, alongside a modern part of town with shops and a gorgeous harbour. 
Innside Palma Center is a 4 star hotel with a rooftop pool and some really lovely looking rooms, if the pictures of the rooms aren't good I am not bloody booking, anyone else with me? Its really reasonably priced in June as well, cheaper than the first one at £473 for 4 nights in June (£237 each), however with it being in the centre of the city, in July it goes up to £544 for 4 nights (£272 each) which is still reasonable for a city centre hotel. 
Click here to check it out and book!

Zhero Hotel 3.5*

I have to say, the value for money on this one is amazing. If you're not so fussed about being close to the centre Palma, then this is perfect for you. There are many gorgeous places on the Island of Mallorca and this is one of them. Zhero Hotel is 3.5* and is located in Cas Catala, right next to the beach and local towns. Still only being a 15 minute drive from Palma Airport and Palma itself. You can't go wrong here. The decor of this hotel is absolutely gorgeous, its a really luxurious looking place without the price tag. I was so surprised at the price of this for 4 nights in June - £345 making it £172.50 each. In July it goes up to £508 for 4 nights, making it £254 per person. Get on that June price my lovelies, just look how gorgeous it is!
Click here to book!

Gran Canaria

Sticking to the theme of gorgeous islands providing some gorgeous sunshine next up is Gran Canaria. Having visited here myself, I could't recommend it more. It has a similar feel to Mallorca, with high temperatures and gorgeous old towns, but with the added extra of it being more of a unique island to visit. From sand dunes, to gorgeous rocky terrain looking like something out of Jurassic Park and gorgeous coastline this is a really good cost effective option if you're wanting great scenery, great food and hot hot hot sunshine!

Flights may be a little more than Mallorca, but accommodation prices make up for it! Scroll to see more.

Flights to Gran Canaria;
4 nights in June (15th to 19th);
Manchester - from £140 per person
London - from £100 per person 
4 nights in July (15th to 19th);
Manchester - from £135 per person
London - from £160 per person

Occidental Margaritas

This 4 star restaurant is spacious, close to the beach, free wifi, shuttle buses and by the looks of it, a bloody big buffet and doesn't that just sound wonderful. From the looks of it, this one looks a little more upmarket looking, lots of space so you can get away from any loudness. With lovely draped sunbeds this could be a really lovely romantic destination or a boujie feeling girls trip away. To get away in June, its £434 with breakfast and dinner included, with only an extra £120 per person to go fully all inclusive, drinks all round??
It also doesn't go up too much in July either, only jumping up to £487 for 4 nights in July.
Click here to book!

Radisson Blu Resort Mogan

This one is a little different because I have actually been to this one! I can vouch for it being bloody gorgeous. I went in the low season in February as the hotel opened and it was wonderful. There are 2 large pools, a pool bar, a gym, a spa, indoor pools and two gorgeous restaurants. In the quiet town of Mogan, its by a gorgeous port and set in really gorgeous mountainous scenery. Although this is more of a resort with catering to families, it does not always feel that way. So going as a couple or fora little getaway with friends you can get away from anything you don't fancy! 
For £406 for 4 nights with breakfast included in June, or an extra £80 for dinner included as well, its a bloody good deal for how gorgeous it is. In July, it jumps up to around £650 which is not surprising given the time of year, but from experience its worth it! Click here for booking!

Madrid, Spain

Okay so, a little hot city break for you here just because its such good value. I've never been myself but am really considering this for a little city break later on in the summer. I think with Madrid, because its Spain you can get best of both worlds. Either go for a weekend away, or go for 4/5 nights and make it more of a summer getaway. In this case, the flights are a bit more, but the prices of accommodation are fantastic and really worth the money. 

Flights to Madrid;
4 nights in June;
Manchester - from £133 per person 
London - from £55 per person (WONDERFULLY CHEAP!)
4 nights in July;
Manchester - from £87 per person 
London - from £92 per person

July seems to be a cheaper time to fly, with August also being a really great option if you're wanting to book further ahead. 

Hotel Acta Madfor

This is an absolute gem of a find, LOOK AT IT! Its modern, clean and central and look at that terrance, I am just wanting to fly right over and sip me son gin & tonic right now. I think for anyone wanting a more 'cultural' summer holiday, somewhere where there will be heat, sun and great food but also somewhere close to some amazing architecture, shops and history. The terrance would be perfect if it got too hot and you fancied a bit of a sunbathe, giving you the best of both worlds. 
The price on this one was the winner for me. For 4 nights in June, this beauty is £304. Isn't that just crazy?! It gets even crazier, in July this beauty goes down even further to £199 for 4 nights! 
Honestly get on this, because I know I am! Click here to book!

Hotel Santo Domingo

This little find it the ultimate hybrid of city escape and summer holiday. A rooftop pool just gives you so many options, you can either spend the day exploring, or take a day out for some sun and a dip in the pool. Or the best of both worlds, have a morning wandering around and taking everything in and then rest your feet round the pool and watch the sunset on the rooftop, cocktail in hand. Its also insanely well located, right in the centre. Easy for days out and nights round the pool. 
In June the price for 4 nights is really reasonable at £365, then in July the price actually dips down to £319 for 4 nights. Honestly Madrid seems like an absolute bloody dream. 

I hope you enjoyed this little handpicked selection of last minute getaways! Hopefully if you've been needing some inspiration this might have pointed you in the right direction, or maybe found your exact holiday!

Do let me know your thoughts!

H xx

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Here's To Being Young & Unsure & Self Employed Too

Being self employed scares me, it always has. Its living in a constant unsure state of whether you're getting paid or not, whether work is coming or going - and even when you get work through you can bet your ass its not a done deal. The amount of little exasperated tears I have shed over almost securing paid work to take a weight off my shoulders for it to come tumbling down with a few lines of email.

I forget sometimes, to take a minute to look at the position I am in. I love what I am trying my hardest to succeed in, and I am only young. I am 20 years old, and sometimes, when I am surrounded by successful 20somethings it makes me forget how much time I have on my hands. I feel the weight of the world to have everything together, functioning and successful every single day.
In all fairness, I need to keep on my A game, I am personally responsible for my own income, and its my responsibility if nothing comes in. But thats the game of being self employed, its my responsibility to get the payments then chase them.

Looking at my age, I have a lot of things I feel I should have figured out by now. If I had followed a 'normal' path, I would be in my second year of university not having to stress over whether I have any money coming in, or having a full time business to run (can I call myself a business??). I would be taking classes and doing work and I would be comfortable that this was how my at least the next year would be, then I would be all on my own.
In the next 6 months, I am hoping to move out to my own place. Its a scary thing, being self employed is a hard situation to put yourself in and allow yourself to feel stable. But absolutely loving what you do always helps, so I am blessed in that respect.

I rely on the approval of others, most of them people I don't know, and thats my life. Being young, I feel like this is how it is. Your parents may or may not agree with your life choices, nor your friends. Your work you're putting is usually for the benefit of others, your boss. If they don't like it? There are consequences. In your younger years, I feel like its half about carving your own path, half about trying not to roll over too much for others around you.

I know what I want from life, and I know my values. Its just figuring out exactly how to get to where I want to go, and making sure I don't sell myself out for something I get no joy from along the way. I know its getting to the time of year when university students will be finishing their degrees, and people finishing their A Levels with university looming at the end of the year, and I think it all rings true throughout.

We feel so pressured to have all of our shit together at such a young age, choosing exam subjects, degrees, placements, jobs and everything in-between usually before we even get the chance to hit 21. People have come to me and been in awe at what I do at such a young age, and in a way I am proud of the route I have taken. However by no means does that mean I have any more of a clue than the next 20 year old studying a degree, or in full time work. I am bloody making it up as I go along and aren't we all.

I think we all need to know, and I need to remember to remind myself, that everything comes and goes and you seize what you can and you work hard at what you've put your mind to at the present time. If you're lucky enough to know where it is you want to focus your efforts then run with it, you're luckier than you know. For the rest of us, its totally cool. You know what you like, what you don't and what you're heart truly enjoys. By refusing to settle in any aspect of your life at a young age, you're succeeding, and this is what I am trying to live by.

You control what you can, and you confront what you can't. Oh, and make sure you give yourself a pat on the back every now and again along the way. You deserve it.

Make sure you scroll down a little to shop this post, I bloody love this look.

Love, H

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